Went into a loop. Got shot. Survived.

No really much more tosay. 


Got there in time

So I'm in Moscow. Sanna's with me, she's safe(ish), with any luck we'll be our of dodge by next week.
So, some explaining of what happened. If you want details, go to Sanna's blog. I've never been much good at this stuff.

For reasons I don't intend to get into, Dimir owed me a favour. I cashed it in; he wanted Artsyom dead anyone. Since I could find them (long story how. Might tell it later) we made it thete in good time. Course, I can't walk so well, so I missed the beginning. Got there in time to see Artsyom hightail it out, two of Dimirs men grab Sanna. Well, one was a woman.
That was tense. Wasn't sure if they were planning a betrayal, and that was fucking terrifying. The thought of getting so far just to fail there, at the scene...
So I tried asking them not to, to let her go. Surprised when they did. Maybe in paranoid.

Once she knew who I was, we got to talking. She said, 'do I look like someone who cares about dying?'  Really hit home how bad things were, worse than I thought. I'm worried about you, Sanna. Wish there was something I could say to help, but I'm no good at this. Just, take care of yourself. It's never too late for things to get better, long as you keep going. Things will get better. They have to.

We're at my safehouse now. Not quite the Hilton, but I managed to scavenge up a few things here and there. It'll suffice.

See you soon, Artsyom. 


Still alive

As some of you may have read here, I'm still alive. Faked my death. Thee was a good reason. Might still be a good reason.
The British agency, the AFTF, they have a habit of blackmail. They found out something about me, tried to use it as leverage. So I faked my own death, riled up the timberwolves. Think I managed to burn their file on me, but just in case, anyone sees a bunch of millitary types in Chelmsford, send word. That means you, Clara.
As for the Agency, I need a favour. Found a need to get to Russia, no time to wait around in a hospital bed.