Further explanation.

Guess I should explain what actually happened yesterday.

The nameless are well-trained and well-equipped. I couldn't attack without getting shot, so I kept an eye on them and waited for an opportunity. A few hours before three, about noon, they got a van ready, made Linux get in the back. He fought back, made a distraction.

I figured it'd be hard to get away without getting shot in the back, so I did the sensible thing and threw a petrol bomb at the front of the van. Made a decent smokescreen, I managed to stab one in all the confusion (she did manage to whack me with her gun, though. Left a nasty bruise) then grabbed Linux and ran for it.


Got Linux

Linux attacked the nameless in transit, I stepped in. At least two dead. Possibly three. Only minor injuries on our end. May give further update later.


Got your location

Nameless, I'm tired of fucking around. I've got your location, as you can tell from the email I've sent. It also has an adress, bring Linux there, unharmed, and leave by sunset, or I auction off the addresses of all your safehouses, and your financiers get put away for embezzlement and/or fraud.

Ball's in your court.


Getting close

Hey Namelesses. You should hide your tracks better. Never know who's out to get you ,-)


I'm off

Opportunity came up, so I won't be around for a while. Like, not posting on the blog. So don't worry that I'm dead if I stop posting for a while.


Sanna's safe

Sanna's safe, ditto her father. In an undisclosed hotel in Belgium (and if you'll believe that, you'll believe anything). Sorry I didn't call Linux, came up on short notice so there wasn't time. Thanks for all the assistance (and the offer, Jack).
Sick fucker is probably still at large, but carter's explosives have put a dent in his operation. Those as were involved, on and off the blogs, be on your guards. He's still dangerous, you'll want to play down yourr involvement, or skip the country.