About me

 I'm Phillip. That is the only part of my usename that's true. Please refrain from referring to me as 'Mcdonald', as I may not answer (or even notice you're talking to me!). And I am an alcoholic proxy.

I'm 17, British, and patriotic to a fault. Interests include Video Games (especially stealth games and other genes that avoid unnecessary conflict), good music (or at least good lyrics) , the use of Insane Troll Logic to fuck with runners, cats,  and not sleeping nearly enough. And that's a really broad definition of interests.

Since August 2012 I've been stalked by a transdimentional entity that only I can see. More recently I have started to question my sanity. For reasons seperate (but linked to) to the aforementioned.

 I use this blog to give what advice I can before I finally crack all the way; this may be your last chance to bathe in the radiant light of my sheer genius.

The most important advice is this; Other people are more capable and better prepared to fight this thing. Not a pretty thought, but true. You're pretty pathetic, and trying to prove yourself will get you killed. There are other people vastly more qualified to deal with this. They just haven't been chosen to do it. You have. Make damn sure the ones who're better are the ones fighting, or you are dead. Good luck.


Oh, and to get in contact drop a line to craftinghell@gmail.com. Promise it isn't monitored by proxies (other than me).

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