It occurred to me that I never did anything for the fallen. This feels like the right thing to do, not just a grave in a field, not just a memorial surrounded by others.

Jeff was a medic. Damn good one, too. Saved my life, when I was just beginning to become a proxy. Made sure I didn't take the wrong path. He was a good person. Never did much fighting, even though he sure as hell knew how. Wasn't in his nature, to fight or hurt people.
To be honest, I didn't know him very well. He taught me, kept me alive, but he never did speak much about himself. Most of what I know, I heard second hand, from people who owed him a debt of gratitude. Jeff must have moved a lot, to be so widely known. Must have been doing this for months, if not years. It's a pity that a good person was wasted in this life. Still, self pity never helped anyone.

Jinn died recently, killed by Twitch during his breakout. Damn shame; he must have known that there was no way to win but fought anyway. The downside of loyalty, I guess. He wasn't much younger than me, maybe sixteen. Didn't really show through so much. He said he'd had training before he was a proxy. Given that that training was in fighting with a knife, I hesitate to think of what that training entailed. Poor guy.
He worshiped the Slenderman. Believed him to be a God, raising him from the darkness. He would be like that. Treat people like kings when he thought they could lead him to something better. Guess I failed at that.

Sigurd was my fault. He was a scout, a fairly good one too. This was during the fight with Deimos. I sent him out to keep an eye on things. I was afraid that there'd be a massed charge, that would go straight through my defences and smash us like a hammer. So I sent him out, and my mistake cost him his life.
He didn't eat meat. I never did find out why; when I asked he changed the subject. I doubt it was for religious reasons- he wasn't terribly devout, didn't worship Slendy or any other God.
There's a lot I don't know about him. Things I never will. And maybe that's right. Maybe not. Nothing I can do about it. Nothing but pointless regret.

Damn good proxy, pretty awful person. Really believed in the slenderman shit. Died in London trying to demonstrate that true believers are superior .
Rapist, murderer, corpse.

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