Up all night

Just came back from my first real job as a proxy. Had to keep an eye on this guy, who was likely to get involved (one of his mates was caught up in this shit), make sure we knew where he was and what  he knew. To be honest, not much. He hadn't seen S, and he hasn't even connected to the blogosphere. Spent most of his time in and around a park, where his friend went missing. Keeping track of him in there was pretty hard, especially since he is so damn paranoid. Or not really, I guess; you aren't paranoid if  we really are out to get you.

Still, it was pretty dull. Following this guy around, staying up all night to watch his house then following him all morning. I was pretty much dead by the time I was relieved, so I've been sleeping it off. Major caffeine crash. Still, someone has to do it- half the time, the proxy who's meant to be your nemesis is acting off information gathered by someone like me. I'm going to have to go out again tomorrow, which will be fun. So much for weekends.


Fucking psycho runners

As you may have gathered from the title, I've had some trouble with a runner. But in my defence, he tried to kill me first.
I was coming back from a grocery run, cutting through an alleyway, when this guy comes up behind me. I walk quicker, maybe he just hasn't got that firm a grasp on personal space, you know? Then he pulls a knife. He must've been watching for a while, known this was a proxy safehouse, because I was in mufty (you know how hard it is to buy groceries in a mask with a hoodie?). I would've had a knife myself, but we don't carry them in our civvies- too much risk of getting pulled up by the police, which can be awkward. Not such a problem in the full uniform, though. Guess the police know that we aren't a threat to Joe Public. So I was unarmed, with a crazy guy trying to stab me. Lucky I have the reaction times to deal with this stuff now- if I hadn't taken a sharp step back I reckon I'd be dead, or at least in no state to blog. He overextended himself, and I dumped the groceries and grabbed his arm, twisted. Not quite a throw, but enough to put him off balance, make him drop the knife. It clattered to the floor, and I gave it a kick, making suer it's out of reach. Then it's just about keeping him off balance, making sure he can't get his bearings. Lucky this is such a small town, or I reckon there'd have been quite a crowd, even though this was in an alley. As it was, we were alone, and I could continue uninterrupted, beating his head against a wall, making sure he wouldn't threaten me or mine again. I blacked out, the azoth taking complete control, and when I regained my senses, it was done. He was dead. I returned the groceries, before fetching the body, and a spade. Buried him in a wood somewhere, and now we're on alert, in case there are more. What''s worse is that there was no warning- normally there's at least one proxy keeping tabs on each runner, reporting to any large groups that the runner gets close to. His minder was probably in a ditch somewhere, poor sod.



So I should probably put the things I've been up to on this blog. At the very least, it's a fair warning.
As you can probably guess from the last post, I passed out in a little village somewhere. Didn't check the name. I don't know how long I was out for, but I woke up on the path. I think that would have been on the Tuesday, the 21st. I don't know how long I was there, scared out of my wits. Then I was attacked, by some kind of monster. Not sure how to describe it. It was like a person stripped of all the things that made him a person. with fuck-off big claws. If it'd just been me, I'd have been dead, but the azoth had been building up for a while. I relied on it, managed to avoid getting hit. It was a rush, like turning the world into slow motion, except nothing like that at all. I was faster and stronger than I'd ever been before, more powerful, but I was still me, still in control. Working with the azoth, not against it, as a single unit. It felt natural, like what I was made for. Hell, it is what I was made for. I managed to get a hold of it, beat it's head in against one of those azoth trees. I'm ashamed to say that it was a good feeling, that power and control. I think it was then the Azoth realised that it had me. Not that the stuff really thinks that way, or really thinks at all, but it's as close an approximation as I can get.

Next thing I knew, I was leaving the path. Can't really explain how, it just seemed obvious. I had no idea where I was going, but the Azoth guided me, and I ended up in a proxy safehouse. I've been here for 5 days now, training. Learning how to use a knife, to kill painlessly. After all, I doubt there's any question of me being a runner anymore. Even if I wanted to, I can't go against the Azoth in that way anymore. So count this as a warning. Hopefully it won't come to this, but if you threaten the proxies who took them in. I will kill you. These are my family now, and I won't allow the same thing that happened to my real family happen to these people.



Walking all day today. Hungry as fuck, would love some actual food. Nothing but 1/2 bottle coke and some sandwiches from someones car. Their fault, left it open. Service station was Near a little village place, not goiong to say name because proxies. Tired as hell, wouldve hitchiked but but there were no cars- must be a really quiet place. Cant fall asleep by the side of the road, but damnit I almost did. just need to rest, then get the fucking black shit out of me. Its whispering now, over and over. not sure whats me thinking whats the azoth. Christ who am i anyway? Craft, phillip, the azoth what? Getting confused, not sure what im doing. going to sleep now, hope craft dosnt come out.



As the title implies, I'm out of house and home. There were proxies, too many for it to be a coincidence, and they knew exactly where I was. I don't know how, I kept everything fairly quiet, but they found me. Suppose it was inevitable, after a while. Any runner fort, regardless of defences, will fall. There's a reason we're called runners.

So the proxies came. I tried to stay put, thought I could hold out and get out after they'd been distracted by my security system. And it almost worked. They reached the door, and I fired up the coils, and they were all disorientated. Me too, actually. I could feel the Azoth inside my head, shifting. Rather disconcerting. It always leaves me feeling disconnected, like I'm watching it happen to someone else. But it was worse for the proxies; They were running into walls, throwing up, bleeding, dying, it seemed. It was awful. Then the machine stopped, might have been a blown fuse or something. I made it out into the hall, fell down the stairs, tried to get back up, but I couldn't, it was like this weight on my back and I was pushing against it but it was like I was doing nothing. Then someone knocked me out, hit me in the back of the head. I thought I was dead, for a bit, when I woke up. Must have wanted me alive for some reason- maybe hoping to use Craft?

I woke up in a car boot. New experience. Couldn't get it open, but I was panicked. Don't like small spaces. Managed to break through the back seat. I'm at a motorway service station, with a laptop, and my clothes. Kind of them to leave one. Suspicious. No idea where to go now, no idea where I am.

Need help with procurement.

Well, I need a hand here. Specifically, I need some sedatives capable of putting someone to sleep for long enough for me to get them to a magnet, stop them using the path (I hope). You see, Snowy has crossed the line, so now he's going to help me do some tests. Like if the path can be used under magnetism, the effects of bleach on internal azoth, and if the path can be used with no legs. That reminds me. I need to get an axe, a shovel and a blowtorch. For medicinal purposes. After all that, though, I think I might let him go. No need to be unecessarily cruel, so I'll find some way to send him over to you, med. FedEx, maybe?



I should probably explain my post yesterday a little more... coherently. You see, I'm fairly sure the proxies at the warehouse were waiting for me because I'd posted what I was gonna do on this blog, like a tit. So I figured I'd test the theory, as wells as possibly helping out a little. So I went to the warehouse and got what I needed, then posted that I would go the next day (yesterday's post), as well as insulting snowy. I figured he'd probably be waiting for me, along with some of his mates (if he could use the path, anyway). Then I called the police, told them there'd be trespassers at the warehouse. Tell me Snowblind: did they get you? Were you there?


The Warehouse: Redux (would be a great name for a film)

So I'm gonna try the warehouse again tonight.  I need the wire, and the proxies can't guard it all the time, right? So I think it'll probably be OK- Not that I'm taking unnecessary risks. I've got some extra padding on my jacket, as well as some wooden plates underneath. Might give me splinters, but should be able to stop me from getting cut in the arm again. Unless, they have, like, an axe. Considered taking the gun, but I decided against it- I've never fired one outside a shooting range, and I don't think I would even if I was sure I could hit. Raises the stakes too high, means you can be sure death is on the line.
I wonder who'll be there. The one I stabbed in the leg was cut pretty deep, so I doubt he'll be mobile. Maybe I could find him, check local hospitals or whatever, but what would I do? Kill him when he's helpless? I don't think I'm ready to cross that line yet. That's the sort of thing Craft did, and I'm not going to become like him. At least, I'm not going to kill where it's avoidable.
In other news, proxies have case files. Would be interesting as fuck to get access, but I have nothing to go on, and what would I do with it anyway? It'd help someone like incognito more, since he's got to deal with Kelevtov. Or Sanna, if Snowblind even matters enough to get a mention. Maybe he has a footnote. A quick mockup:
Snowblind; A Proxy with a ski-mask. Do not send on missions- he has been shown to be of little operational use, with failures even when given optimal conditions. Case in point, most recent 3 missions all failed.
1)MISSION:Find Madelyn. Make her pay for serving the Feral One.
OUTCOME:Failed, due to inability to find notebooks pertaining to her whereabouts. Worth noting that by the proxy's own words, it is his impatience and lack of forward planning that led to this failure.
2)MISSION:Find Alexandria. Use notebooks in her possession to find Madelyn.
OUTCOME:Failed. Despite tracking her down multiple times, and having her unconscious and at his mercy, Snowblind has failed. Reasons are posited as a form of mental trauma, possibly resulting from being dropped on his head as an infant, or paint with an unusually high concentration of lead.
3)MISSION:Do literally anything with Proxy Kelevra
OUTCOME:Failed. Attempts to make peace through killing Runner Alexandria were misguided, due to Proxy Kelevra's attempts to degrade her mental state (see document 27734-D). This attempt also failed, leading to the belief that as well as his lack of intellect, Proxy Snowblind has been shown to be grossly incompetent. Attempts to use Proxy Amelia also failed, due to a friendly fire incident (see incident report 463-S). As well as his own incompetence, Proxy Snowblind has been shown to utilise incompetent subordinates, as the only alternative is to blame the incident on Master Slenderman.

So, Snowy, that close? It is, isn't it. Word perfect, in fact. I bet you that much.



I'm doing fine over here. Arm still throbs a bit, but I went and got some mini first aid kits, and a bunch of bandages. So at least it's clean and covered. Not much proxy activity; I don't think there were that many (relatively speaking) in England in the first place, and Kelevtov's stirring up hell elsewhere, so all the proxies are going there.

Kelevra, if you read this blog (not fucking likely) feel free to move further north. Like, into Scotland. Serves them right for trying to secede (no offense to any Scots, not meant personally some of my best friends are Scots etc.etc.). Reason being, Scotland has more absolute maniacs, so it's more likely to end with an absolute battle royale, chaos and destruction everywhere. Especially around closing time at the local pubs (working from a Scottish friend's experience here).

Uhh, not much else happened. Started coughing up more azoth, which probably isn't a good sign. I can't even go to hospitals anymore, because most tests will show me up as... abnormal. So that sucks. Need to make up better stocks of bandages and the like. So I've been saving up, doing odd jobs in the garden for some locals. Hard work, but it's nice. Having mindless physical work to be doing, digging holes and cutting wood (they're making a bench or something). A good way to make an extra fiver here and there, which works out to enough for food and some saving. Hell, if I keep this up for a few months and find a seller I might be able to buy the copper wire I need outright. Heh, like I'll live that long.

Still not getting much sleep. Mix of caffeine, craft and tinkering. Good for focusing the mind, but I'm always left with a couple of ideas floating around, keeping me up all night. So I'm pretty tired most of the time. But I'm having some results

Managed to set up an electromagnet. Somewhat powerful, but none too portable, and there are some troubles with power (what with me being a squatter and all, so I don't actually pay for my energy. I can skive some off the neighbors, but the magnet's a thirsty beast, and I'm fairly sure it'd get noticed).  Maybe if I could get some capacitors, I could use them , but I can't get them, so I'm a little stuck. Med, you have a schmancy lab, right? and access to test subjects? Because I'd kind of like to know what happens to a proxy in a strong magnetic field. See if it's anything useful.


Fucking proxies.

Just got back from my attempts at getting that wire. I'd thought it'd be easy; a Saturday night, probably only be a couple of people about waiting to colck out. There were proxies that's. Plural.

I got going at about ten, as planned, got there about half past. Oyster cards are really useful. It seemed quiet at first, and I made it in ok. Then I found a guard dead. Sick bastards cut him open, pulled things apart. Jesus, that poor bastard. Anyway, when I saw the body I prepared for a fight. It wasn't exactly unexpected so I had a wrecking bar (crowbar to my US reader(s)). Still, there were more of them than me. One came up from the front, had a fuck-off big knife. I think I broke his hand, swinging with the bar. He dropped the knife, but by then his mate was behind me, caught me in the arm. If I wasn't wearing leathers it could've been really bad. As it is? A fairly shallow cut. Stings like a bitch tho. I tried to hit him, but he was too close to get a swing in, caught my arm and got me into a hold while the one with a bad hand gave me a kicking in the stomach. Weird, didn't hurt as much at the time. So pretty soon they dropped me, one looked for the knife he'd dropped. I stabbed him in the leg with it, chucked it at the other and ran off. Well, staggered. Feel like absolute shit though. Arm stings, stomach hurts, I feel like I'm going to throw up over everything. And I didn't get the wire. Still, maybe it's a good sighn. If I wasn't onto something they wouldn't havevbothered to stop me. Still, this really fucking hurts, and my arm won't stop bleeding. Any ideas for first aid?


Quiet days and plans

Another quiet day. Tinkering with magnets, listening to music and generally messing around. Working on a way to 'tether' proxies, stop them from using the path. I hope, anyway. Still have no real data, so it's mostly to test a hypothesis I've got kicking around. I think a sufficient magnetic field could possibly render azoth inert, or at least nonsentient. From Kelevtov's loving descriptions of his day, I can tell that azoth helps proxies, controls their actions to a large extent. Assuming it's like most other data storage, a sufficient magnet should wipe it out (and I know, that's a major assumption). It could also be like a receiver, so Slendy can control his pawns to an extent. Once again, assuming mundane communication methods a magnet could disrupt that. So an electromagnet could possibly slow them down enough to allow an escape, stop them following you using the path.

Only problem is a lack of copper wire. Put simply, I need more than I have, of a higher purity than I have, and the wrecking yard just don't cut it. So I'm gonna do some light breaking and entering tomorrow night, sleep in tomorrow so I'm not tired enough for craft to slip past and take over. So hopefully that's gonna work out well. Probably won't post much though.


Working on something big

So I haven't posted in a while. I've been working on something big. Well, several big things. For starters, I can sleep without possibly killing stuff now! Woohoo! Took a lot of doing, but I've picked up several stupidly strong magnets from a wrecker's yard and I figured I'd make a timed lock. Nothing getting in or out at night without using the path. Kinda sad to wake up in the morning and see the scratchmarks, but it beats the shit out of the alternative. So now Craft's stuck putting mean comments onto people's blogs. I feel like... I feel like I'm winning. Or at least, not losing so badly anymore.

I've been feeling more myself, avoiding runners and proxies both, having a semi-normal life. At this rate I may well end up getting a part time job; busking doesn't exactly make much cash, especially since I also spend tonnes of time begging, borrowing and stealing stuff to use on my other projects. If necessary, I think I can magnetise my room. I haven't tried it; it'd fry my laptop. But I think it may give an advantage. Hopefully it'll work out. And there's actually a chance it will, not just hope.

Not much else's been going on. Caught a stomach bug a few days ago, couldn't keep anything down. So that sucked, but it was over in a couple hours. There have been proxies around, but  either they're not looking for me or they don't know where I am. So be careful if you're around Finchley.

So, all in all, life's pretty damn good. Once again I find myself waiting for the axe to drop. Should be interesting to see where it hits this time.


Quiet day

Not much happening here. There was a proxy group a while ago, but I killed one and hid. Seems the rest decided to scram. Probably here for me; no runners as far as I can see. They'll be back.

In other news, I have a gun now. Proxy was carrying it; shooting him with his own weapon was too ironic to miss. So yeah, keep the fuck out of Finchley. Got a mechanism that'll hopefully neutralise any pathfinders, so that's good. leaves just me and our thoughts. quiet. safe.

Dealt with the neighbours. Well, encouraged them that staying here would be bad for their health. So they pissed off.  Running like children. Pretty funny

Think I may see a runner now, on the edge of my territory. Any runners near Finchley, if you're reading this, just turn back and I won't pursue you. Keep going and you deserve what you get.

EDIT: They kept going. Guess They don't follow the blog. Not surprised. Be back soon.


Stil alive

I think. Interesting to see things from this side of it. I mean, I'd always thought that craft was just a proxy who'd survived somehow. I was wrong. Probably not gonna be posting much. He's running the show now. IF you see him, burn the body.
good luck
phillip(for reals)

Cleaning up

Finally got around to making myself the only admin here. Phil could comment, as an author, but lets just say he hasn't got the capability right now. Rather funny, when you think about it.
Anyway, the point is that Craft is running the show now! Vive la revolution!

And I'm out. Wasn't so hard,all things considered. Guess I just never had the motivation to do it. Now to business. If you're reading this, proxies in Finchley, you'd better leave. because I have some major stress to burn, and a full can of petrol.

Oh hey

Look at that. Phil isn't the only one who can hack. Fucking weak password. Anyway, my recommendation to you, Sanna, is not to eat food from strangers (FUCKING KELEVRA? HOW FUCKING STUPID CAN YOU BE BEFORE YOU JUST DIE OF NOT KNOWING TO BREATH?). as for your mystery admirer, I'm betting it's a proxy, who's just waiting to kill you. After all, you've got to let meat rest just after you've roasted it, or the juices all run out at once and then you just have horrible dry meat. yuck.

Anyway, that advice goes to whoever did kidnap poor little Sanna. I'd also recommend cooking each joint separately, to better fit into the regular oven. Given that people taste a lot like pork, rubbing some salt into the skin could give you some nice crackling, or at least help to flavour the fat and meat deep down. Another technique is to layer over the meat with some bacon (sorry, not sure where to get bacon off a human) to help keep it moist and juicy.

Anyways, to the point. Since I'm gonna be stuck here for a while, and watching the cameras doesn't interest me much (not sure how Phillip keeps it up. he's a bit of an odd one), I'm going to help you out of your little pickle. I don't recommend pickling people, it just doesn't work so well. Smoking or Salting is a better idea. And less likely to make the victim drown early.

Anyway, all this blogging has made me hungry. good thing the fridge was full on friday.


fuck you craft

I think craft blindsided me when I left the apartment. Cant remember much, must have knocked me onthe head pretty bad. fuck. woke up arround midday locked up in my flat( got a padlock for security. locked from inside. see the lock, my keys been stolen),since then ive been trying to get out. sonofabitch locked the door, so that sucks. got plenty food in fridge, and cameras seem to be ok, but it seems im kinda stuck in here. cant kick in doors without drawing unwanted attention. ill figure something out. sorry about spelling and grammar, not much time to write, and a lot on my mind. sorry i couldn't help sanna. fucking good speech, something happens and im fucking useless.


Goodbye cruel world

I said I was waiting for the axe to fall. Turns out I was wrong where it'd fall. Trouble in Mersey, and here I am running to the rescue like a fucking idiot. So I guess this is gonna be goodbye; I have a train to catch, and then I'm fairly sure Kelevtov is gonna have my head, so that'll be a new experience.
Sanny, how dumb can you be?


So I have two major projects right now. Firstly, to expand my little island of surveillance. Hopefully I can make a safe haven in London for runners. Do I've been out most of today, checking cameras and noting blindspots. I'll need some way of covering those later, but I can still get a pretty good overview of what's going on in the local area. If there are any proxies, it'll be an unpleasant surprise, I'll tell you that for nothing. I've also got a memory extension in on my laptop, so I can keep a few days worth of film saved. So that's awesome.

My other task isn't going so well. I'm going to find a way to kill the slenderman. In the great game, humans have always been pawns. But as Pratchett said, 'if the pawns all banded together, maybe recruited a few rooks, the whole board could be a republic in a few turns.'. The players have never been at risk, not from us. But there are only a few of us, and I'm nobodies pawn. So I'm compiling what I know, what's been said and what's been done. Maybe I'll die. But I'll die knowing I did something. And I'd say that's worth it.


Late night rambling.

So all's quiet on the western front. I've kept an eye on the monitors, found no proxies, no static. Considering expanding this operation; it'll take some legwork, but eventually I could keep an eye on half of London from the comfort of my seat! Not legal, of course, but the police turn abound eye as far as slendy goes.

I've been doing a lot of thinking on the nature of slendy. I mean, Kelevtov told us that his 'suit, is just azoth, and that the creature itself is internal. We also know that azoth is magnetic. Could be why he fucks electronics; controls suit through magnetic control? Suit magnetic itself? Brain controlled through electromagnetic impulses, so could he manifest some control? Does he affect compasses?

Nature of the 'Feral one'? Has servants; rake? Wild things on path: his subjects? Alliance slendy-rake collapsing? Too many questions, not enough data. How to collect more? Film path? Interview proxy? Ex-proxy? Strider?

Anyways, that leaves one question that can be answered. Strider, have there beene any changes to the path, specifically the beasties on it, over the past few months? Probably ought to stick that on Sannas blog, where it might get answered. Tomorrow.

I am a sexy hacker GOD!

Well, two out of three ain't bad. I'm holed up in an apartment in London; seems like whoever was here just cut and ran. Probably couldn't pay the bills. Anyway, the Bailiffs took most of the furniture, but there's still a sofa, power and gas. which is good; my laptop was running seriously low on batteries.

So since I'm sticking around here for a while, I've set up some security. There were some CCTV cameras around the building, so I took a wander, checked ID numbers and all that jazz, and hey presto! Free home security! Should be enough of a warning to get the fuck out, unless they're using the path. Maybe if I magnetised the ceiling I'd be safe from that, but I can't think of an efficient method. Probably be fine- Other than Kelevtov, I can't think of a single pathfinder who I've pissed off. So I can hang tight here for a while, plan out my next move. I've heard Rio is nice this time of year! ;P