Song of the [Whenever]

So I figured I'd put up youtube links to songs I listen to every now and then. Because I listen to a shitload of weird music.

Numero Uno: Accidentally Like a Martyr; Warren Zevon

Deux: Do we? We do!- Automatic Toy's cover of Beck's album. The one that was only released as sheet music.A good Grunge Dirge type thing

Trois: Something Wicked That Way Went; Vernian Process
A good song for fans of creepy circus shit and other such tomfoolery. Seriously, don't listen if you've got a clown phobia, but for the rest of you it's deliciously twisted. In a good way, not a Kelevra way.

Four: Black Hole Sun; Soundgarden
Soundgarden are just really fucking good at what they do, and they do everything pretty much. Well, Grunge and Psychedelic rock, and those are some of the better genres these days. Unlikely to get gutted like pop did.  Quick warning; The video is kinda creepy.

The Fifth One: Death to my Hometown; Bruce Springsteen
Springsteen is my second favorite country singer, and this one is eerily appropriate. After all, I did bring death to my hometown. Even if it wasn't the actual meaning of the song, it still fits...

This is really fucking stupid, but I'm bored. So yeah. Music. Enjoy.

Sieben: Maybe I'm amazed; Paul Mcartney (and Wings)
These guys get comparatively a lot of flack, but I like them. I mean, if it hadn't been Mcartney, they'd be praised to the skies, but they get judged for not being as good as 'The Beatles'.  Which is kind of harsh; an impossible standard to compete with.

восемь-Shepherd's song; Katzenjammer
A nice lighthearted song. I guess it's well overdue, and everyone needs a break from the grim darkness, misery, madness and death. So here's some happy music.

 NEIN!- While my guitar gently weeps- The Beatles
A great song, with some great covers. I personally like the Jeff Healey  Band's version, but the Beatles/ Metallica mashup (Beatallica)'s version, While my Guitar Deathly Creeps, is also pretty good. Also, it's a Beatles/ Metallica mashup band. There's no real possibility for anything but ridiculously awesome.

Deg- Starman; David Bowie
I'm not so into glam rock, but it's fucking Bowie. If you don't like it, you need your head examined.

[Thirty odd songs lost here. C'est la vie]

11) Mockingbird; Barclay James Harvest

12)She's not there; The Zombies

13)Lavender; Marillion

14)Naïve; The Kooks

15)Drop Da Bomb; Dr. Steel

16)The Last Steampunk Waltz; Ghostfire

17)Studebaker; Warren Zevon

18)El Salvador; Athlete

19)Warning; Green Day

20)The Universal; Blur

21)(Don't Fear) The Reaper; Blue Öyster Cult

22)Soviet Trumpeter; Katzenjammer

23)Clint Eastwood; Gorillaz

24) People Help the People; Cherry Ghost

25)You're the Voice; John Farnham

26)Heavyweight Champion of the World; Reverend and the Makers

27)A Design for Life; Manic Street Preachers

28)Kayleigh; Marillion

29)Up All Night; Razorlight

30)Caroline Yes; Kaiser Chiefs

31)American Pie; Don McLean

32)Blue Flashing Lights; Travis

33)Mohammed's Radio; Zevon

34)Let Me Out; Ben's Brother

35)Motorcycle Emptiness; Manic Street Preachers

36)Land Down Under; Men at Work

37)Little Heaven; Toad the Wet Sprocket

38)Little Talks; Of Monsters and Men

39)Re: Your Brains; Jonathan Coulton

40)It's the End of the World as we Know it; R.E.M

41)Children of the Revolution; T-Rex

42)Face Down; Red Jumpsuit Apparatus 

42b)Face Down; Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (Acoustic) (As recommended by Sanna)

43)Everybody Wants to Rule the World; Tears for Fears

44)Blinded by the light; Manfred Mann's Earth Band (COVER, Originally by Springsteen)

45)Crusade; Voltaire

46)The Free Electric Band; Albert Hammond

47)Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner; Zevon

48)More Than a Feeling; Boston

49)Wonderwall; Oasis

50)Writing to Reach You; Travis

51)Excitable Boy; Zevon
Fun fact; Zevon was nicknamed 'excitable boy'; when he asked his bandmates why they never let him take guitar solos, one of them said, “Warren, you have good ideas, but you’re just too excitable.”

52)Don't shed a tear; Paul Carrack

53)Let it Be; The Beatles

54)Let it Go; Voltaire

55)Mountain Sound; Of Monsters and Men

56)Before I Fall to Pieces; Razorlight

57)Blades in Autumn; The Clockwork Dolls

58)The Watchmaker's Apprentice; The Clockwork Quartet

59)The Mechanical Girl; Voltaire

60)Spieldose; Bensmisicification

61)King and Lionheart; Of Monsters and Men

62)Battle in the Sky (A Steampunk Orchestra); Walid Feghali

63)Swords for Hire; Jon Magnificent 

64)Eye of the Storm; Lovett (no relation)

65)Dirty Paws; Of Monsters and Men

66)Dr. Caligori; Abney Park

67)Hopeless Wanderer; Mumford and Sons

68)Pipe Dreams; Travis

69)Feel Good Inc.; Gorillaz

70)Wild West Hero; Electric Light Orchestra

71)American Woman; Guess Who

72)The Weight; The Band

73)Always Where I Need To Be; The Kooks

74)Follow the Light; Travis

75)Yellow Light; Of Monsters and Men

76)Valerie; The Zutons

77)Build me up Buttercup; The Foundation

78)Come on Eileen; Dexy's Midnight Runners

79)99 Red Balloons; Nena

80)Love Grows (Where my Rosemary Goes); Edison Lighthouse

81)Play it All Night Long; Zevon

82)With Catlike Tread; Gilbert and Sullivan

83)Who Wants to Live Forever; Queen

84)Stuck in the Middle With You; Stealer's Wheel

85)Eve of Destruction; Barry McGuire

86)Your Bones; Of Monsters and Men

87)House of the Rising Sun; The Animals

88)Hey Mr. Tambourine Man; The Byrds

89)Fear not this Night; Jeremy Soule (Malukah cover)

90)Yellow; Coldplay

91)Bittersweet Symphony; The Verve

92)The Beautiful Occupation; Travis

93)Fix the Boat or Swim; Abney Park

94)Zombie; The Cranberries

95)Blind Bird; The Mops

96)The End of the World; The Carpenters

97)Fairytale of New York; The Pogues

98)Empty Hearted Town; Zevon

99)Stuck With You; Voltaire

100)Don't Let Us Get Sick; Warren Zevon

And for the period between Halloween and Christmas, Cthulhu Carols

101)Demon Sultan Azathoth; HP Lovecraft Historical Society

102)Great old ones are coming to town; John Yelvington and the Shoggettes

 103)Death to the World; HP Lovecraft Historical Society

104)I Saw Mommy Kissing Yog-Sothoth; HP Lovecraft Historical Society

105)Go Summon up the Dead Ones; HP Lovecraft Historical Society

106)If I Were a Deep One; HP Lovecraft Historical Society

*Cthulhu carols end here*

107)Mama Couldn't be Persuaded;  Zevon


  1. Commenting on here to let you know I pay attention to this! ^_^ Can I have a song?

    1. Thanks, good to know people actually listen to this stuff. What genre of song do you want?

    2. I don't mind the genre. Whatever fits.

    3. I like the song you added!

      I shall make some contributions of my own:

    4. Ah, and I do like Razorlight. Forgot all about them actually. Used to get them confused with Athlete.

  2. These are all good songs. I'll have to get into Pendulum when I have time and a better internet connection, not to mention Florence & the machine. I got one album from my sister ('Lungs') when she went to university, but never went further than that

  3. Much as I like Face Down by RJA, this version is better:

    1. I think I prefer the electrical version, but different strokes for different folks. Put it up as an alternative.