got the footage

i fot the cctv footage, from where Sanna was takwn. they killed her, this group of timberwolves. shot her twice. then, after they left, kyrylo drove up, took her body. people walked right past, didn't lift a fucking finger to help her.
the timberwolves need to pay, all of them. they keep trying to kill the people I love, ever since they decided to take london. i won't let them win this fight, even if it kills me.



Sorry for mu lack og presence online recently  The timbwrwolves burned down my bolthole, I couldn't get anything out. probably thought I was working for the proxies. but they wouldn't take me. the skinny fucker made a rift there. nobody there wants me alive, not anymore.

i shouldve stayed away from london. it was fucked up, coming back.
Sorry to all those who wanted a sample of tge poison. it burned with everything else. between the fire and orher concerns, ive been trying to get away from all the fighting. i can't deal with it, not now. Rhe timberwolves haven't made it easy. they aren't putting effort into hunting me down, I'm not worth the work, but they're everywhere. i can't fight. I can't run.
what am i supposed to do now?


timberwolf poison

Tthe timberwolves are using somekind of poison, or one is. covered an axe in the stuff, here's what I know about it:

it's got some supernaturak compinrnt. Fefininely not normal

it breaks axoth sown. consumes it orsomething like that.

azoth can hold it in place, stop it sprewding to the he heart

hurts like hell, pain kerps getting worse.

reminds me of  something the oathbreakers made

it's pretty drvilutating

abyonw recognise it, jnow if theres an abtidote? im coming up blank