Hai guys!
I know it's a long shot, but my last lead died on me so I'm gonna go ahead and ask you lot, see if you have a clue. Anyone know where Deimos is? I have a powerful need to speak with him.


Met Sanna

So I went ahead and met with Sanna. Yes, that is the one who wants to kill me, and probably has the best chance of pulling it off. What's life without a little danger?

BORING. I went because I was expecting some kind of ambush or trap or something, but there was nothing. We went for a walk, talked about very little of import. Hell, I was even reasonably honest about stuff. But the walking and talking is more Lovett's thing; I don't see the appeal of answering a bunch of questions. Unsatisfying, stripping away the mystery like that. Like showing people how Houdini hid the elephant; It just misses the point. Why is it you people are so concerned with understanding? Do you think it'll help you survive?

She threw a knife at me. In my general direction, anyway. Still not sure why she's throw away what looked like her only weapon. People are odd, sometimes. Too much emotion, wastes energy and makes you do weird stuff. I won't even bother pretending to understand it, myself. Guess I have a better perspective, looking in from the outside. I can see stuff that you people do that's just weird, but that same perspective stops it from being understandable.

I'm rambling. Point is, I saw Sanna, had a friendly chat, killed a doctor, and all in all, it was a pretty good day.