What happened

People have said thay're interested in the story behind how I got fucked up. Two people, anywau. So here it is. Not exactly onspiring stuff, be warned.

I was in Jersey. Had a safehouse there. Nice place, I could get a fair warninh if anyone shifty arrived in the area. I thought I could get a ffair warning if thrre was anyone shifty in the area. So fucking stupid. You're never safe, and when you think you are youre deluding yoursel fand that can get you killed. Or worse. Think of this ad a cautinary tale. Dont fuck up like I did.
There're a couple of runners. They ere in London. I did some bad things, it wad my job. The fucking job, it's too fucking easy to justift. I killed people. In the name of the fucking groƟmanN. No way to justify that. The past catches up on you when you deserve it. No hiding frim it.
I got sloppy, incautious. Took a taxi to the airport. Didn't mske it, they had a car. Stopped in front. Shot the cabbie took me to this house. Just a regular fucking house. Think it might have been like tge one I lived in. Barely fuvking remember by now. Guess ots a mercy. Can't miss what you can't remember.
The police arrived after a few days, I think. The owners got killed when the runners moved in. John Thompson. And another. Cant remember the others name. Someone fuled a missing persons thing. Not sure what happened to them, the runbers. The olice took me to a hospital. God damn hospitals. Hatw them so fucking much. Feeling at their mercy, nothing to stop them from doing anything thev want. Had to get out, stole a phone soon as i coukd, put out an call for gelp. Rest of the stoey you kbow.

But hey, at least I survoved, right?  I'm fucking fine. Apaet frpm the walking thing. Ill adapt. Its what I do. 



Sorry to lave in such a hurry, but there was something there, in the bunker. Looked twisted, like a portrait of the Slenderman left out in the rain. And I think it saw me, it was pressing into my mind. Couldn't stay there, stole clothes and a crutch, left quietly.  Sorry. 
Don't come after me, hate to get you into trouble with other proxies or the Slenderman, you've already done too much forme. I'll be fine.  Thanks for everything youve done.