Well, it's a good day to be a servant in London. Compared to, like, last week. It's still a hellhole full of violent individuals.

Anyway, I've been doing some work with various other servants. You probably already know about my connections with the archive and redcap. Apparently the Timberwolves are also aware of it. They called in asking for help to deal with one of Kelevra's proxies. This KProxy having stolen some sensitive information on the Timberwolves, and they couldn't find him.

Once the matter of payment was dealt with, I gathered a few volunteers, and we met with the wolves to take out the base before the informant arrived. There weren't many of them, but they were heavily armed. Still not sure how they got sniper rifles into England. Serious military stuff, or it looked like it at least. I begin to wonder just how good our smugglers are.

'Course, that changed our plans somewhat. I'd intended to try to burn them out, keeping a low profile be damned, but that was on the assumption that they'd be a bunch of guys with swords and the like. So instead, they got to good positions, and started taking them out. A bunch tried to run out the back, but they got tailed by some of my boys. Didn't get far. Meanwhile, the rest of us just strolled in, killed anyone we found hiding, and waited a while for our victim. Lost a proxy, when one of the fanclub had a gun, but there weren't many other incidents.

This is all working out pretty well. Working with the archive in a more official capacity, setting Maddie on some runners, joint operations with the timberwolves, various other, less savory connections... Sets a good precedent. By showing that this can work, and work well, I can get more official support, from proxies and other servants. God knows servants working together can be a force to be reckoned with. Maybe even enough to deal with Kelevra's bunch of rejects. Speaking of which, Maddie, if you can kill Kelevra I'll help you with whatever project you're planning out at the time.

Still need to find someone else willing to work on this project; after all, I want this to outlast me. Got a couple possibilities, but it really needs work. Hell, this isn't even official yet. I can worry about the rest if I live.


Mabe it's because I'm a Londoner

Link to the song.

You can probably guess I'm in London. Couldn't face working with Deimos' men after what happened, so I volunteered. Besides, they need the help here.

So yeah, sorry about not posting much. Trouble getting an internet connection; the vast majority of libraries and suchlike here have runners entrenched. Seems to have become a figurehead, runners coming from all over the country. We've been doing some major pushes, trying to get a decent foothold (as it turns out, there aren't that many abandoned warehouses that are defensible and well placed in London. Damnably unfortunate) Well, we're well placed now. God knows it cost us. too many dead, 18. poor fuckers.

I'm having to do some rethinking, strategically. Can't afford to use fire, it's too flashy, likely to spread, and destroys useful resources. So I'm just infantry, boots on the ground. I feel somewhat useless, the best I can do is keep myself alive. The Path isn't as useful as one would think. There're some traitor proxies, who patrol the path. Given the amount of azoth, a misplaced bullet or flame could be catastrophic. They don't seem to care. So for the most part, the path is M.A.D. We've been sticking to alleyways, attacking at night. It's fucking exhausting, they have ways of keeping tabs on us in some places, tricks like how I used security cameras before I was a proxy. Lucky I caught that, or I'd probably be dead. We weren't getting much sleep, runners kept coming at us at all hours. Even when there were civvies nearby, they just didn't give a shit. They're being organised somehow, or things would be far, far easier. That's the main aim here; we can't really take out all of the runners without unacceptable civilian casualties, so we're gonna try more subtle methods first. If you hear about massive explosions and hordes of heavily armed cultists in London, you'll know subtlety didn't pay off. But first we're gonna do it quietly. That said, more numbers would always be useful; if you're a proxy in Europe with a deathwish, drop me a line and I'll send you a map to a target. Small arms and melee only, don't ask me why because I don't know.

This is about the end of my shift, so I'm gonna get some shuteye jesus christ of course they fucking attack now.


As you probably gathered, we got attacked by more runners. Too many of them. Killed a lot of us, I managed to evacuate a few. The rest gave them a good fight. Which is to say a lot of people on both sides got killed. Fucking hell, I used to be a pacifist. What the fuck happened.


Eventful trip back

Well, I'm headed back to England. Will be. I would be on the plane now, but there was a slight issue. More on that later.
So things won't quite be going back to the status quo. I know I'm not secure under torture, so there are no real lines of communication between me and my people. Never told them about the blog (apart from Jeff) so that's out. Pity, but I wouldn't be going back to a command position anyway. Got demoted. For running. Can't really argue that; we're expected to throw our lives away at the drop of a hat, when I went against that it made me look bad. Ah well, I never claimed to be more than a coward. Proud member of the self preservation society.

Still, I want to put up my new CO. You'll laugh. I know I did, until I realised it wasn't a joke. Deimos. Fucken Deimos. I get the feeling someone up there doesn't like me much. And I'm not sure if I mean God or Central. On the plus side, I still have a lot of the old connections; Redcap, the Archive, the Lab, certain others. So I'll have less personal resources but still plenty of information.

So, why was I delayed? Runners. Jumped me on the way to the airport, nicked my arm with a knife. Would've been worse if they'd been patient, snuck up, but they didn't, they ran up shouting 'Die proxy scum'. I think they were expecting an easy target. Just because it isn't as obvious doesn't mean I'm not augmented, I turned, before I even realised what was happening. Azoth taking over again, but now I have more of a control. Before, I would black out, wake up having killed any threats. Not any more. Stayed conscious, took out the legs on one, pushed them into the other, knife he was holding caught my arm. Shallow cut, not a concern. Next thing was to get that weapon out of the picture. After all, while I'm more durable than before a knife in the gut will cramp anyone's style. So I broke knifey's arm, got that knife. He was rather upset about the arm, briefly. I think he's over it now.

So that just left his companion. She pulled a gun on me, which seems rather rude. Also stupid; she shouldn't have taken the chance, should've shot me in the back without getting close. Maybe it was some kind of ammunition conservation thing. More likely, she didn't want to get arrested. After all, there were people nearby. Surprised they didn't come running at knifey's screaming; suppose they thought it was an argument or something. The bystander effect, maybe. Didn't want to risk getting involved. Damned if I know. She wasn't any great shakes at aiming, tried to shoot me in the head. Advice for anyone shooting someone. Aim for the centre of mass. It'll put them down just as well and you're more likely to hit something. Whereas shooty just got brick shards into the back of my head. Minor lacerations. No concern. By the time she's got the gun level again I'd pepper sprayed her, took the gun. A revolver, Saturday night special. Guess funds were tight. She ran, I tailed her. Tracked her down to an estate type of place. Flats for people with nowhere else to go. But that's a bit harsh; these were pretty terrible, but not all such places are. In England there are at least a couple housing estates that are proper nice. She went into a flat, greeted by what seemed to be another runner. That normally would've been the time I'd block the doors and burn the place down, but there were other flats full of civvies connected. Besides, I'd left the last of my petrol bombs with the Italian proxies I'd been helping earlier. So it would have to be the hard way.

There are some who favour kicking in the door and firing, hard and fast. But it takes me a moment to aim, and I couldn't be sure I'd be full of lead before I could get the job done. So I lit a fire. Just a little one, burned a piece of paper under a smoke detector. Did the job, got people out. Pathed out, short term, and stepped into the flat. Of course any weapons would be left in there, if they ran out carrying a rifle they'd probably attract a few odd looks. Emptied all of those out, hid them, then got out of the way while the fire service looked around. Must've been an hour before they came back in. They weren't expecting a fight, which is just fucking standards. Sloppy as shit. Turns out that kind of thinking gets you five rounds in the chest at point blank range and/or a knife in the neck. Go figure.

Needless to say, I missed my plane. On the plus side, I got a free rifle and revolver, a Winchester of some description. So, you know, counting my blessings. Have to call in a couple of favours, though. To get them smuggled over the pond. Worth it. Probably be in for work by the day after tomorrow latest. At least now I know what it feels like to dread having to turn up for the job.


No I'm not in France. Passed through, pissed off some redlit, and moved on.

Anyway, day one of my globetrotting holiday has been pretty good. I think a couple of people were vaguely weirded out when I pathed around border control, but I don't have a passport with a picture that matches my face (also the profile picture is no longer accurate. Pretty much just keeping it out of sentiment).

So I'm helping a proxy group here, one that isn't in line with the infrastructure. From what I've seen, they just aren't particularly competent, although they are religious nuts. Gonna show them the basics of bombmaking and arson. Help them out with a wee runner problem that they're having trouble with.

No contact with the rest of my former group. They may read the blog, but apart from that nothing. Still don't quite trust Morningstar, and there's also Kelevtov to worry about, so I'm gonna avoid getting dependents. Which is actually somewhat helpful; makes catching Cold ones much easier. Shame I had to leave my white phosphorus, I was kinda interested to see if that'd work.


It was nice while it lasted

Well, you've probably heard that I no longer lead a group of proxies. Given my propensity to value efficiency over worship, I've attracted the wrong sort of attention. If I tried to keep them too close they'd get killed by Morningstar, or Kelevra. Best thing I could do was get them clear, so I did. Sucks that we don't have any contact, but that's just life.

So, despite my own preferences, I'll be out of England in an hour. Not saying where I'm going, but yeah. Congratulations, Morningstar, you've successfully weakened the English proxies. Fucking genius way to prevent defections, deciding to kill everyone you deem a risk before they have the chance. Bet the fucking noble prize commision are on their way to reward you for that inspired bit of thinking. Seriously, I never realised azoth could be so stupid. Shortsighted. Too hung up on your own ego to see consequences. Generally with your head jammed so far up your arse that the only way to notice it is when you sneeze.

So, does this mean that I'm quitting on being a proxy? I'll try not to, but I probably won't be nearly as efficient. On the plus side, Slendy won't be on my tail, since, you know, I'm still going to be doing my fucking job. Seriously, you get pissed off that I don't respect him enough and then say that he don't care much about respect? Have you been playing with magnets recently?

Anywho, my cab's here. Might be back later, once I've sorted the possibility of a tail.

A chance encounter

Had a rather odd meeting today. This evening. As you probably know, we've been having a spot of trouble with redlight coming back and trying to take control of the world. Dude needs a hobby. Like stamp collecting.

Well, my people have been keeping their eyes open for any redlit individuals. Proxies wearing red, especially. They try anything, kill them, burn the body, stick the ash on a magnet (in other news, we need a fuck-off big magnet. Anyone have a spare they need to get rid of?). Mucho paranoid, but it's pretty justified, I think. Especially since it's beginning to seem like death is no obstacle to a happy and fulfilled life anymore (looking at you, Morningstar).

So while he was on patrol, one of my guys found someone who seemed suspicious, all in red. Knew about proxies, but didn't quite fit the pattern, so he brought it to me. Turned out that was a very good idea. If that person had been killed, it would've been veryvery bad. Reason being it was one of redcap's. As in a fear. Directly possessed by the Redcap, poor sod. We had an. Odd talk. Interesting. Hard to describe really, can't find the words. I think it was slightly bemused by me; it's a fear based in sex and it wasn't getting anything off me. Not sure if I want to know what it meant by that...

Talked about the arteries and veins beneath reality. Hard to explain without sounding insane. I think it might have been trying to recruit me or something. Gives me the creeps, a little. Why would it want me?

Um, what other news? Mind still feeling a bit odd. Deimos found runner base. Close as they get to bases, small groups. Five or six, not well trained. He sent ten proxies, mostly hallowed. four proxies dead, all five runners. Pyrrhic victory; too many losses. Not worth it. Foolish to waste lives, need to preserve, conserve.

New arrival. New proxy, lucky we picked them up before they got topped by some runner. Found the poor girl on the street. I'm still not used to seeing Slendy in the azoth. Gives me a headache, lasted all day. He sent  Guthix to fetch her. She's in a bad way; cuts on her feet, legs. she'd been living rough for a while. Had a worrying array of knives, though. Seriously, I think one of them was military. At least as good as the stuff we've got at base. She's gonna need rest, before she can get into training. I guess we'll see if she knows how to use those knives.


Couple blokes are off the air

Just a quick post, couple of blogs are down. That Manu Mortis chap and the one who thought she was Slendy. Links below:



So yeah. RIP. Or HIP, if the proxy ended up Hallowed. Either way.



Finally, all that form-filling-in has payed off. Seriously, had to fill in three separate requisition forms for the WP, what the fuck?
So what're the goodies?
  • Ammo for Asbolus' rifle
  • Two Three revolvers and a bunch of speedloaders and ammo
  • Knives. Two combat, 'bout a dozen throwing and a cleaver. Not sure why they threw in a cleaver but oh well.
  • A sword. Like, a genuine falchion type thing.
  • An axe. Good to see them keeping up with the classics
  • A crowbar; to open the crate, but they didn't ask for it back so I'm gonna keep it just in case.
  • Some sort of protective vests; I'm just gonna call them kevlar for the sake of brevity. Yeah, seven of them, along with some overcoats the cover them up, because in this weather overcoats aren't suspicious at all. Can't complain, it was a custom request. Cost a fortune.
  • Grenades. Fragmentation, smoke, and other types. Didn't actually ask for the fragmentation ones, but I won't look a gift horse in the mouth.
  • WP. Useful for my long term plans.
  • Petrol. Like, a couple of Jerry cans full. We don't have a car, but that's not what we're gonna use it for.
  • Polystyrene. I'll admit, I bought this myself. The price Central wanted was a pretty stupid markup. Guess it's because they can't buy in bulk.
  • Pens. We tend to get through them fairly quickly, and they were free from Central. Don't ask why, I don't know.
  • Certain books I requisitioned. Cost a bunch, but they're pretty rare, and if I'm right they could be useful.
Also, the guy who delivered them is just standing there. Like, not doing anything, I think he's a hallowed. Offered him a cuppa tea with no response, so we know there's something wrong (because otherwise he would have said yes or no. I like tea, but I don't demand others do unless it's for comedic effect). Any idea what to do with a hallow who's just kinda standing there? I tried telling him to head back to Central, but there was no response.

*EDIT*: Hallowed was wearing a red pendant under his hoodie. Checking over supplies, informing Central now. Hopefully there'll be some tighter security after this. Everything seems in order thus far, but some things I can't test without attracting undue attention. Could go badly.