Theme Music

So I've decided to make a theme music page. What can I say, sitting around with a bum leg is dull. Without further ado:


Something Wicked That Way Went- The Fears in General
Behold the Machine- The Manufactured Newborn
The Exile- The Eye
The Last Express- Archangel
The Doctor's Wife- The Plague Doctor 
The Depths Below- Slendy
 Unhallowed Metropolis- The Runners in General
Vagues de Vapeur- Med
Innocent- Sanna
I am the Master of the Sea- Incognito

Proxies and psychos
Scupper Shanty- The worse types of proxy
We decide it- Kelevra
Where is your God- Morningstar
What's that coming over the hill?- Jess/Monster.
I Am... All Of Me- Veigar/JP
Raven's Land- Maddie
Comeback- Redlight
Good intentions- Lovett

Suggestions for individuals to be themed? Comment below.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Whoopsie messed up big there.

      As I was saying, I think it's time for me and the idiot to have a theme.

      Then I though. Why not have a song for both of us?

      Here ya go.

  2. I kinda already have a theme. Might as well give it to you.

    (Also, someone has to teach me how to do the link to text thingie.)

  3. Might I suggest "Comeback" by Redlight King for Redlight? Besides the artists' perfect name I think the song could be a good fit minus the humility.

  4. If you theme me, I'll only have one ear to hear it with. :)