KProxies are attempting new base, we need to disrupt them before they dig in. I can't organise because of Fear issues, I trust you to take charge on this one. Listen to Mort, he knows tactics, but remember his first loyalty is Archangel. Plague doctors will act as medics, that always was your area of expertise so I'll leave that to you.

Stay safe, I hope I can see you again soon.
I love you.


  1. Oh Philly, I just knew it, I knew you had something with this "Grace". Ooooh I just can't wait to meet the both of you, just can't wait!

  2. Oh honey this is painful, you just went and told all your enemies the most useful goddamn thing. :3

    1. Meh. It'd be easier to get to me through me than through her. I made sure of that much.

      Besides, it wasn't a secret. When you can ask pretty much any servant on this initiative of mine to find something out, it makes trying to hide it a bit stupid.

    2. Also, dropping the 'just as planned' bullshit, this email was leaked. Sloppy job, I'm actually writing the comment on the guy who did it's computer. Convenient that it was already logged in.