Got your location

Nameless, I'm tired of fucking around. I've got your location, as you can tell from the email I've sent. It also has an adress, bring Linux there, unharmed, and leave by sunset, or I auction off the addresses of all your safehouses, and your financiers get put away for embezzlement and/or fraud.

Ball's in your court.


  1. Financiers? You mean the people we killed and emptied the bank accounts of? Kinda hard to jail a corpse. And go ahead mate. One more limb to our body is worth everything we have in this world.

    1. Huh. That explains why they weren't answering the phone.
      But are you really so sure? You'd throw away your lives, and your companion's lives? That's not 'one more limb'; even if you turn Linux, it's seven less. You want to leave your organisation a one-legged spider?