Sorry to lave in such a hurry, but there was something there, in the bunker. Looked twisted, like a portrait of the Slenderman left out in the rain. And I think it saw me, it was pressing into my mind. Couldn't stay there, stole clothes and a crutch, left quietly.  Sorry. 
Don't come after me, hate to get you into trouble with other proxies or the Slenderman, you've already done too much forme. I'll be fine.  Thanks for everything youve done. 


  1. I understand. You were scared and you left, a perfectly human response.

    The clothes were Iota's anyways, haven't been used in a year. And just because I can't look for you doesn't mean I won't bump into you, I have bunkers everywhere for a reason.

    Just don't die so soon or I'll kick your ghostly ass.


  2. Good to know there's no hard feelibgs, and that the clothes weren't being used. Hate to have abused yoyr hospitality too much.

    And hey, don't worry about me dying. Too many debbts to repay before I let that happen.