Sorry for mu lack og presence online recently  The timbwrwolves burned down my bolthole, I couldn't get anything out. probably thought I was working for the proxies. but they wouldn't take me. the skinny fucker made a rift there. nobody there wants me alive, not anymore.

i shouldve stayed away from london. it was fucked up, coming back.
Sorry to all those who wanted a sample of tge poison. it burned with everything else. between the fire and orher concerns, ive been trying to get away from all the fighting. i can't deal with it, not now. Rhe timberwolves haven't made it easy. they aren't putting effort into hunting me down, I'm not worth the work, but they're everywhere. i can't fight. I can't run.
what am i supposed to do now?


  1. Meh. I'll leave ya alone.

    Malik is getting promoted. Sanna is missing. That's all that's new in London. Yawn.

  2. know anythinf about what happened to her?

  3. If you can't fight or run, the best thing to do would be to hide. Lie low until you see an opening

  4. Lay low, get knowledgeable and surface only when you feel the need to.

    Work in the shadows.