timberwolf poison

Tthe timberwolves are using somekind of poison, or one is. covered an axe in the stuff, here's what I know about it:

it's got some supernaturak compinrnt. Fefininely not normal

it breaks axoth sown. consumes it orsomething like that.

azoth can hold it in place, stop it sprewding to the he heart

hurts like hell, pain kerps getting worse.

reminds me of  something the oathbreakers made

it's pretty drvilutating

abyonw recognise it, jnow if theres an abtidote? im coming up blank


  1. The cure lies in which all roads connect as one.

  2. If it breaks azoth down the question is if it does it enzymatically or is a reactant. If the former, things are more complex, but if the latter, there's a solution; get your hands on as much azoth as possible and consume it to replenish what's lost until the substance uses itself up. This maybe why the Path was suggested as a solution, being full of azoth.

    It it reacts enzymatically this will not work. Get me a sample of the poison, and I can knock up an antidote, but it will take time.

    1. diubt i have muvh time. ill try to ger mire a oth somehow.
      highr bw abue tk swnd hou a sanplw

    2. Worst comes to the worst, find a blackblood proxy and go all vampire on them.

  3. I'd offer to analyze a sample for you and compare it to our records, but I'm not sure how we'd get to you.

  4. pousknis dwalt wirh, eho wanrs a sample?