Mabe it's because I'm a Londoner

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You can probably guess I'm in London. Couldn't face working with Deimos' men after what happened, so I volunteered. Besides, they need the help here.

So yeah, sorry about not posting much. Trouble getting an internet connection; the vast majority of libraries and suchlike here have runners entrenched. Seems to have become a figurehead, runners coming from all over the country. We've been doing some major pushes, trying to get a decent foothold (as it turns out, there aren't that many abandoned warehouses that are defensible and well placed in London. Damnably unfortunate) Well, we're well placed now. God knows it cost us. too many dead, 18. poor fuckers.

I'm having to do some rethinking, strategically. Can't afford to use fire, it's too flashy, likely to spread, and destroys useful resources. So I'm just infantry, boots on the ground. I feel somewhat useless, the best I can do is keep myself alive. The Path isn't as useful as one would think. There're some traitor proxies, who patrol the path. Given the amount of azoth, a misplaced bullet or flame could be catastrophic. They don't seem to care. So for the most part, the path is M.A.D. We've been sticking to alleyways, attacking at night. It's fucking exhausting, they have ways of keeping tabs on us in some places, tricks like how I used security cameras before I was a proxy. Lucky I caught that, or I'd probably be dead. We weren't getting much sleep, runners kept coming at us at all hours. Even when there were civvies nearby, they just didn't give a shit. They're being organised somehow, or things would be far, far easier. That's the main aim here; we can't really take out all of the runners without unacceptable civilian casualties, so we're gonna try more subtle methods first. If you hear about massive explosions and hordes of heavily armed cultists in London, you'll know subtlety didn't pay off. But first we're gonna do it quietly. That said, more numbers would always be useful; if you're a proxy in Europe with a deathwish, drop me a line and I'll send you a map to a target. Small arms and melee only, don't ask me why because I don't know.

This is about the end of my shift, so I'm gonna get some shuteye jesus christ of course they fucking attack now.


As you probably gathered, we got attacked by more runners. Too many of them. Killed a lot of us, I managed to evacuate a few. The rest gave them a good fight. Which is to say a lot of people on both sides got killed. Fucking hell, I used to be a pacifist. What the fuck happened.


  1. Get out of there alive or I will kick you in the bollocks.

  2. This is war sonny, pacifist's don't survive for a very long time, well, unless they are sitting their ass off in a very safe, secure place, which I doubt is near you right now.