Finally, all that form-filling-in has payed off. Seriously, had to fill in three separate requisition forms for the WP, what the fuck?
So what're the goodies?
  • Ammo for Asbolus' rifle
  • Two Three revolvers and a bunch of speedloaders and ammo
  • Knives. Two combat, 'bout a dozen throwing and a cleaver. Not sure why they threw in a cleaver but oh well.
  • A sword. Like, a genuine falchion type thing.
  • An axe. Good to see them keeping up with the classics
  • A crowbar; to open the crate, but they didn't ask for it back so I'm gonna keep it just in case.
  • Some sort of protective vests; I'm just gonna call them kevlar for the sake of brevity. Yeah, seven of them, along with some overcoats the cover them up, because in this weather overcoats aren't suspicious at all. Can't complain, it was a custom request. Cost a fortune.
  • Grenades. Fragmentation, smoke, and other types. Didn't actually ask for the fragmentation ones, but I won't look a gift horse in the mouth.
  • WP. Useful for my long term plans.
  • Petrol. Like, a couple of Jerry cans full. We don't have a car, but that's not what we're gonna use it for.
  • Polystyrene. I'll admit, I bought this myself. The price Central wanted was a pretty stupid markup. Guess it's because they can't buy in bulk.
  • Pens. We tend to get through them fairly quickly, and they were free from Central. Don't ask why, I don't know.
  • Certain books I requisitioned. Cost a bunch, but they're pretty rare, and if I'm right they could be useful.
Also, the guy who delivered them is just standing there. Like, not doing anything, I think he's a hallowed. Offered him a cuppa tea with no response, so we know there's something wrong (because otherwise he would have said yes or no. I like tea, but I don't demand others do unless it's for comedic effect). Any idea what to do with a hallow who's just kinda standing there? I tried telling him to head back to Central, but there was no response.

*EDIT*: Hallowed was wearing a red pendant under his hoodie. Checking over supplies, informing Central now. Hopefully there'll be some tighter security after this. Everything seems in order thus far, but some things I can't test without attracting undue attention. Could go badly.


  1. Did it come in bubblewrap? I love bubblewrap.

    1. No. If it did, I'd be too busy popping it to post this. It came in newspapers. Like, scrunched into little balls. And not even expensive newspaper; pretty much all from the Metro.

      At least the knives came sheathed. The cleaver was in a knife block, you know the sort? Where it's a lump of wood with a gap to hold knives in.

  2. Is he wearing red? If so. Shoot him. If not, just... Tell him to make you some coffee or something. If that is too much, tell him to go stand in a corner until someone comes to get him.

    1. Given that I'd just put the kettle on (it didn't fit very well), I basically told him to sit down and not do anything. If he'd been wearing red, I would've done him in, but thanks for the reminder. Do hallowed make good coffee, anyway?

    2. I dunno. I don't like Coffee. Other people do though. I assume? They make decent Tea. Uh. Southern Tea. Sweet Tea.

    3. Moroccan mint. But only if there isn't any Earl Grey in the offing. I like to put milk in my tea.

    4. If it's breakfast tea, I have milk and sugar. Warm and sweet. Aah, mornings.

    5. Oh, and I'll drink any tea except Earl Grey or lavender tea.

      FUCK LAVENDER TEA. Tastes like CACK.

    6. I prefer morning tea strong and without sugar. Occasionally without milk, as well. But then, in the mornings I'll drink anything that'll wake me up.

    7. I can't stomach tea in the morning. Still taste good, my stomach just doesn't agree with me on that.

      So I just chug water every morning.


    8. Yeah, I'm pretty much the opposite. If I can't get a cuppa, I get these pounding headaches, so I drink tea morning, noon and night. Also helpful for pulling all-nighters.

    9. I'm the opposite too, I'll take tea anytime, anywhere, with anyone. Basically I am a whore for tea.

    10. I like chai. And mint. I'll drink it when I can, but sometimes coffee's easier, even if it tastes worse.