No I'm not in France. Passed through, pissed off some redlit, and moved on.

Anyway, day one of my globetrotting holiday has been pretty good. I think a couple of people were vaguely weirded out when I pathed around border control, but I don't have a passport with a picture that matches my face (also the profile picture is no longer accurate. Pretty much just keeping it out of sentiment).

So I'm helping a proxy group here, one that isn't in line with the infrastructure. From what I've seen, they just aren't particularly competent, although they are religious nuts. Gonna show them the basics of bombmaking and arson. Help them out with a wee runner problem that they're having trouble with.

No contact with the rest of my former group. They may read the blog, but apart from that nothing. Still don't quite trust Morningstar, and there's also Kelevtov to worry about, so I'm gonna avoid getting dependents. Which is actually somewhat helpful; makes catching Cold ones much easier. Shame I had to leave my white phosphorus, I was kinda interested to see if that'd work.

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