I'm back part two

Right, on with the rest of the story. When I left off, I'd jus spotted the archangel. Dude scares me. Not the same as Slendy, just a fight or flight reaction, blind panic. Archangel is colder, almost. A slower terror, founded in the knowledge that that thing can keep me alive forever. So when I saw it, I didn' panic. Knew it was pissed, gut reaction. Didn't like that I used the timberwolves, I guess. There was that creeping feeling. Like shivers under your skin.

So there it was. Started coming closer, so I got the fuck out of there. The quickest way I know how. The path. I knew that it was the end of me, that Slendy would find me and, best case scenario, kill me quickly. Didn't care. After all, you get killed by a fear, maybe you get oblivion. So, that's plan 'B'.

It didn't take long. He came like a black river, flowing from the ground. I couldn't run. Felt like I was rooted to the path, a fixture. Nowhere to go, no point in running. Where do you run when he is everywhere?

That was when a friend arrived. I won't name names; don't want to put him at risk. But this person, this one man, stared down the slenderman in his own domain. Lived to tell about it too. Distracted him long enough to ease the paralysis. I ran. I must confess, I left not knowing that he would make it out, and when he did catch up? I lied to him, told him I'd go back to London.  If you're reading this, I'm sorry. I was scared, and that's no excuse, no excuse at all.

Anyway. Just met someone who'd been holding a few things for me. Documents, stolen from the archive itself. Tazer. Armoured coat. Generally things one would need to research and perform a certain ritual. Figured it was worth a try, anyway. Finish this once and for all. Keep the vigil.


  1. A Taser! Good idea. I'd kill for a Taser. David Banks used a Taser on Sam. I guess that means it's pretty effective.

    I left London recently too. Glad to avoid the Archangel. There's enough shit going on without him blowing his load on me. Sorry that happened to you.

  2. Tazer, pepper spray, some of those disposable wrist ties. The police generally know their shit when it comes to subduing people nonlethally.

    Also, might be able to get some information on Egypt. If you're still interested.

    1. How does pepper spray work? Could they not just shut their eyes?

      Very much so!

    2. Works pretty well, even if they do close their eyes. Kinda like getting half a bottle of tabasco up your nose, from what I've heard.

      And yeah, I'll start chasing things up. Who knows, maybe there's someone with the information that hasn't heard I lost most of my leverage.