Meeting Sanna

So, those of you who read Maddie's blog probably know that I met Sanna recently. Delivered the info on her father, as promised. Hope it helps.

Sorry Sanna, but you need help. Someone to lean on. Maddy's heart's in the right place, but you need someone you can trust, who'll be there for you. All the time, not just when the metal hits the meat. Hope you find that person.


  1. And you're "that" person? Hah sorry I don't believe that, you served and for all we know, you can still be serving Mr. Marshmallow, that all of this is simply a charade just to get closer to Minxie. Not to mention, judging by your previous posts, your mind is somewhere out there. Not to mention you constantly get shit faced, wouldn't want a drunkard on my team.

    If I was Minxie, I would have killed you on sight, but I'm sure she will accept this help you are trying to provide, since she is still a little bit naive.

    1. If you insinuate I would kill him ever again, Kelevra, I'm going to cut your dick off and beat you to death with it.

    2. Trust me Kelevra, I know for a fact he is no longer serving Master.


    3. Doesn't matter, still would have killed him, or maybe had some fun first.

    4. Would still cut your dick off and beat you to death with it, well maybe use a spoon because your dick is a bit too small.

    5. Oh Minxie,you say the most naive things.

    6. If I was aiming to get close to Sanna, wouldn't I be, you know, doing that?

      Seriously Kelevra. I get that you want to kill me, but there's no need to be a sleazebag about it.

    7. Nothing sleaze baggy about it, just offering god advice to the both of you, on one side, you're not in your right state of mind, on the other Minxie isn't either...Actually meet up, maybe you'll claw each other's throats out.

      And I'll just kick back and enjoy the show.

    8. I hate that. That thing you and Morningstar do. Wherein you answer me with something like "aww, isn't she cute?" or "still so naive" or "you have no idea".