End of the line

Fuck. FUCK. It was all going so fucking well, but it's the end of the fucking  line now. We're holed up in a safehouse, well supplied, but my scouts have seen Deimos hisself, and a fuckload of his supporters, all on their way here. Nowhere nearby to run to, no  fucking way to fight it out. We're fucked. Pinned the fuck down; Even though there are only twenty or so left, that's still enough to crush us. shitting hell. So yeah, I fear you have me over a barrel, Veigar. What's your price for your help? Didn't want to, but there's no fucking choice, i can't see any other way out.


  1. You could always dig a hole out. Great escape style. Not the most original of plans I daresay, but it could work if you put in a little elbow grease.

  2. You're price is jack shit. You're a friend and I'm on my way.


    1. That was unexpected. Thank you. Thank you so much. I'll try to hold the fort until you arrive.

  3. I'm assuming they are waiting for you in the Path or else you would've escaped that way. Fuck. I hope that Veigar makes the difference in this battle. Good luck.