First strike

Downside of vast amounts of people is that you have to keep a larger safehouse. It's easier to track down. Lucky for deimos, the problem is somewhat reduced for him.
Found his safehouse from Kafka, who used to do some work with Jeff. Introduced the front door with a speeding car full of fireworks (Jeff's car, I'll acquire a new one if he makes it. Looking unlikel. Fuck). Set the building on fire, not sure if it actually hit anyone (brick on the accelerator, by the time it hit I was on the Path) but it definitely gave them something to think about.

Updates maybe rather sporadic. Can't let them pin us down, so we're keeping on the move. Lucky there're a couple uninhabited safehouses, not to mention the abandoned buildings runners seem to favour so much.


  1. Sorry but what the actual fuck were you thinking??? You could have easily killed random passersby!!!!! Or the fire might fucking spread!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Oh yes, I entirely didn't THINK OF THAT and decide that it was a worthwhile risk. I didn't decide that I valued the live of my people over civvies. Maybe I made the wrong choice, the evil choice, but there're eleven people out there who I'm NOT GOING TO LET DIE. If it takes collateral damage, so be it.

    2. I have to side with pHIL here. War has casualties, that can't be avoided, and you've got to give him credit for t least treating his men like people. Good like as a leader pHIL even if it is with the Slender Man.

    3. War has casualties, but I have real issues with civilian casualties. And that's the point, really. He is with the Slender Man.

    4. War, war never changes.


  2. Setting things on fire at a distance; can't go wrong with azoth tipped arrows.