Tired as balls

I'm tired as fuck, but things are going worryingly well. Deimos' group found another safehouse to replace the one we burned, but there was a stroke of luck; Caligori had stayed there for a while. He's a pretty sneaky bastard too. managed to nick a rifle and ammo, not to mention most of their food. Cut the supply lines. So Asbolus found a few spots with a decent line of sight, Kappa kept the police off our backs (expensive, but well worth it), and I took to the path. Killed anyone who went out for groceries, managed to keep it up for a couple of days before Asbolus ran out of ammunition. By then they were too paranoid to risk it, and they tried to break out through the path. Killed five, but there are limits to what I can do, even on the path. There was, of course, a counterattack. Invasions of two or three safehouses we use, lucky the forces were split. Managed to keep them off, no major injuries but Quasit and Jinn. Grace is taking care of them now, not as good a medic as Jeff is but she gets the job done.

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