Right, confession time. I got another one of mine killed. I fucked up again, and now Sigurd is dead. Fucking hell, I'm a shitty shitty leader. Sent him out scouting, trying to get a lock on Deimos' forces, see where they were, if they were massing. We're still somewhat pinned down, waiting on the cavalry, and if he managed to catch us off-guard it wouldn't be a fight. It'd be, like, a fucking duck shoot, a slaughter. I needed to know where he was, where to expect an attack. It should have been a routine job. I had fucking Asbolus keeping an eye on him on the rooftops. It should have been easy. Deimos has his own scouts, though. And he already knows where we are. Christ on a bicycle, he must have had Sigurd pegged as soon as he got out of the fucking door, even using the Path to cover his tracks. Fucker waited until Sigurd was clear of the safehouse, we couldn't afford to send out help without opening ourselves to a counterattack, even if we had known. Three of his, catch Sigurd by surprise, knives out. Asbolus managed to ing one, for all the good it did. Which is to say, not nearly enough. Fucking came out of nowhere, dragged Sigurd onto the path. I only know this because Asbolus made it out, didn't follow onto the path. Makes sense, he never really spent much time there. Not much of a resistance to its energies, would've died because of the exposure before he could do much to help. Not his fault, I should have been prepared, should've thought it through. What the fuck am I doing?

And Deimos has sent a message, as well. Right fucking now, half nine on the sixteenth. Fucker wants a meeting, at the graveyard tomorrow. No weapons, no backup. Just a talk. Don't trust him as far as I can throw him, but I know he won't try anything at the graveyard. Hallowed doesn't seem like the right word, but still. It's sacred ground. Possibly unholy would be a better word; after all, we work for the devil. Point is, he won't try anything. Neither will I, even though the Azoth in me is screaming to wreak bloody vengence. I've been reading the old blogs, the sages and the like. Doing my homework. Dude mentioned reciting bible verses to keep a cap on that sort of thing. I've never been religious, but a few bars of Brauer's first are helping. I won't attack, I won't break trust. Not to say I'm going unarmed; he didn't say I wouldn't be attacked on the way to or from the meeting, and I don't intend to be caught off-guard. And Deimos, I know you're reading this, so take some friendly advice. Me being away doesn't render my people weak. It doesn't provide you an opportunity to attack. I set up substantial defences, with help from [Anon] and Garm. Any of your men who enter will burn.

Internet's down right now. I'll get someone to post it once it starts working again.

Note; Name removed for the sake of continued anonymity.

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  1. FYI We killed all his his men waiting for you on the path. So if shit goes down you can run and if he follows lead him right to us.