Fuckong fuck

Might have iver done It with those painkilluers my stomach feels like its been stabbed and I'm pissing blood. Word of warming if you overdose on ibuofen it really fucks you up. Good thing in a proxy, feel the azoth now, moving inside of me and topping me from dying.

Sorry, I started typing this up sometime in the night but passed out. I'm actually feeling a lot better now, which is odd. I took a whole bottle of painkillers, and now I'm fine. I believe the correct response is huh. I guess thats something to learn; I can't top myself using an overdose.

Anyway, here I am in the classic abandoned warehouse. Nobody around, probably looking for Sanna.  Someone left me a crutch, so I can get around a little. Looking around now, the place seems pretty empty. Some kit mats and sleeping bags here and there (probably for winter, this place stays pretty warm), and some bags full of tins of food. I'd love a bite to eat, but I can't find a tin opener. I'll look in the offices- might be they kept everything important there.


  1. Sorry about all that trouble. I'm glad you're OK. You can probably get the tin open with a dagger, you probably have plenty of those to spare.

    Listen, over on my blog, I think I killed a higher up and I really need to know if there is a national girlhunt going on, if they're pissed off, and whatnot.

    1. There are a lot of us looking for you, but I'm not sure why. Killing a leader would probably be why. You're just a little bit screwed, I'm sorry to say.