taking inventory

Right, may as well list out what's been going on with me. Besides, jeff reads this blog, and he's in charge of providing supplies. cheers for that, by the way.

So special K tipped up a few days ago, when ew were discussing the next course if action. Snowy's death, yanno?
so anyway, a lookout say kelly coming, so we started evacuation. problem is that about half of the guys with me don't really know the path that well. soi they needed time to get through, and guess whopicked the short straw?

it was something of a curbstomp. a guy wuth knives who can't leavvea against fortissomo? got me ino a grab, and then it was a simple mattr to ask what questions he had. where Sanna was, amongst other things. I started off lying asa matter of course, obviously, but to be honest i douby he cared either was.

so i took a beating, then used the path. took off. i thinnk he thought i wasnt capable of using the path (not kowing it was me. mustve neen a pleasant suprise, eh?). so, to the scorecards

  • broken hand, right, palm & gingrts.
  • slashed wrist, arterial spray. since bandaged.
  • broken knee (or possibly some other variety of fuckedupness. won't bend, swelling. I think thats a sign its broken)
  • fractured ribs, i think
  • burst eyeball
  • broken nose
  • missing teeth (some teeth. anyway)
  • general fuckedupnwss.
  • lost infrmation regarding Sanna, xander etc.
And in my favour?

  • 7 escaped proxies. Cpmplte with hands, noses, wrists legs teeth etc.
  • about a quarter to a half od what I said was lies.

So I'm counting that as a victory.if only vbecause I managed to walk (well, 'walk') away from it.


  1. I am so fucking sorry. That sounded fucking brutal. Next time just tell him where I am and get out of there, it isn't worth all that.

    I have a first aid kit, where the hell are you? Fuck.

    1. on the path, but thanks for the offer. I think Jeff's probbvly picking supplies up anyways. Kind of you to offer, though.

      And don't apologise when it isn't your fault. To be honest, I think K was going easy. You've softened him up w wee bit. thanks for that.

  2. Wait, when you mean, 'lost info', do you mean Kelevra wanted it?
    If this is true, bad Kelevra, no scooby snack for you.


    1. Kelevra wanted it, but I gave her the harmless info and lied about the rest. Mostly.

    2. FUVK. just remembered, told k how to find zander. sent a message to move safehouse, will have topostpone meeting until later time.