New arrival

So there's a new arrival. As I would probably have known if I hadn't been busy taking notes on a dude reading books all day. Bleh.
 She says her name is Grace, not sure if it's her actual name or a taken name. Probably the second, I'm pretty much the only person sticking with my actual name. Mostly because I'm a wee bit shit at coming up with actual names. She seems pretty on the ball, definitely had training of some sort, but she isn't going into details. I can't say I blame her, if it weren't for the blog I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be telling anyone anything about myself. So she's going straight into work, helping out with the snooping on my runner. With this and another guy topping himself, my schedule is really clearing up. Just have the plod work on one runner, and stalking on another guy. And to think half a week ago I was splitting my time between three people. This has really brightened my day. Night. Whatever.
 Not really much other news, just felt like putting this up. Things are looking up.

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