I can't believe it was only a couple weeks since I turned to the mask side. Feels like longer, but to be honest dates have always seemed a bit screwy to me. Might be because I'm usually doing something during the night now, rather than just being paranoid and waiting to sleep. Keeping busy is good. Sadly, I'm not particularly busy right now. I don't think my leg's broken but it won't stand up to much. Would've though the azoth would make it heal faster, but I guess that would be pushing my luck. I'll take what I can get.
Still, there've been a lot of changes.  From thinking of the path as a death sentence to being able to go there myself on a whim. Takes getting used to. Still, spending a week with more of my time on the path than not was painful. Reminded me of being a runner- The path is hostile, and you're always being hunted. Exactly like being a runner. Being against the world itself.
I'm still getting used to not even being the person who's been here for the longest after two weeks. It seems odd. Either it's an outlier or the turnover rate is pretty fucking high, and since most people at the safehouse were surprised by me and Grace arriving I guess it's the former. She's probably stalking the guy I was working on before that got a bit fucked up. Hope that works out.
Not sure what else to say. I decided on a name as a proxy and no, I won't share it. Given the stuff I've said on this blog, I'd prefer to avoid going public. Could be repercussions, and that'd suck. I value my anonymity, so I've left the warehouse. I don't think anyone knows where I was, but nonetheless it was a risk. If someone kept up with the blog and decided to track me down, it'd be a simple matter of finding the proxy who took me there and asking where I was taken, then going there and stabbing the guy with a crutch. At least now it isn't a matter of finding a proxy with a crutch- and let that be a lesson on why you should always have access to your basic supplies. A change of clothes and an idea of where to hole up. Never thought I'd actually use Dad's advice. Heh.
Oh, and in case you don't follow Sannas blog, it turns out that french proxy git is dead. Moment of silence, please.                   And anyway, moving swiftly onwards, Snowy set up a blog. Interesting stuff, even if you don't like the guy. and to those of you who do like him, thanks for reading the blog Snowblind and you're welcome for the free advertisement.
And a good day to you Sir/Madame/Master/Esquire/Baron/Senpai/[error 404: honourific not found]


  1. Should I congratulate you for choosing a name or should I say I'm sorry that you've gone that far? Anyway I call Alhazred

    I prefer "senpai" myself.

    1. To be honest, choosing a name doesn't mean much. Just another way to divorce me in meatspace from the blogs. Anonymity, even when I've shown my name.