Theme music

So the guy I've been following has been, for lack of a better word, faffing. Not much news, it seems like he knows he's being followed but that's according to plan (do you have any idea how irritating it is to convince someone they're being followed without drawing attention? I felt like an interior designer, rearranging the furniture in his room). Still, on the actually following him front I've had a lot of time to myself. Mostly listening to music.

And that leads on to the point of the post. I was listening to a particular band (Vernian Process) and figured I'd try to link their songs to people and groups, like the runners and the fears, after a couple fit pretty damn well.
So far I have:
Behold the Machine- The Manufactured Newborn
The Curse of Whitechapel- Kelevra
The Exile- The Eye
The Last Express- Archangel
Something Wicked That Way Went- The Fears in General
Unhallowed Metropolis- The Runners in General
Vagues de Vapeur- Med

And that's all I got. So yeah, being a proxy involves vast amounts of sitting around listening to music and doodling on a notepad. Who'd have thunk it?


  1. Thanks for the music. I need to have a serious music crash out round about now.

    I want in on this song gifting.
    Kelevra, just for that mad intro
    Med, again for awesome intro

  2. For some reason I find you gaslighting people funny.