Craft popped up again

Craft popped up again on Sanna's blog and Kelevtov's internet word salad (warning: Tvtropes link. Follow at your own peril). Sorry about that, Sanna. Kinda feel like it's my fault. That pissant is going to get his. I mean, when he first popped up, I was kinda scared (read:Scared shitless). I mean, I'd thought he was dead. I'd thought I'd killed him. And that ate me up inside. But you know what? I'm over that now. So if you're reading this, Craft, consider this a warning. You want to threaten me? fine. But If you try the same shit as before, if you threaten my friends, then I'll destroy you. I will beat you  with a tire iron and burn whatever's left. Because you aren't a big, impressive proxy. You're a nerd who went too far into the occult and went crazy. and you won't be back again. bitch.


  1. No worries. Craft is just a crock of shit. Not your fault.

    1. Other than the fact that I could've stopped him from getting proxied if I'd been a little less stupid and willfully ignorant, you're right.