Need help

Looking over that blog post, I think it's clear I need help. For whatever reason, I know far too much about the fears, and I just want to kill everything. Well, Craft, Snowblind and Kelevra. And quite frankly the fact that I was preparing to fight them, the fact that I wanted to kill them frightens me. I think that slendy finally got into my head. And I can't have that, can I? So if anyone has any idea about how to deal with this, please help. Because otherwise I think I'll end up dead, one way or the other. Or worse, end up as a proxy and not die.


  1. You're feeling stressed, losing time, being haunted by a ghost(not literally I think wouldn't surprise me though), a friend is being threatened, and on top of it all you've got a psychopath going to your home country; I think it's only natural to want to eliminate your problems. Hell it might even be a good idea to kill anyone of them, but can you handle it if you do? It's up to you if you think you should kill them, but well Batman says it best. For now my best advice would be to simply calm down.

    1. Thanks. Not sure how I'm gonna calm down, given the circumstances, but I won't do anything rash. God I wish I could have a cup of tea. A good one, not the store-bought crap.

    2. For me the best thing to do in order to calm down is to lose yourself in something else. You have the internet go read a short story, watch Doctor Who, play those stupid little addictive games, ect. You'll be allowed a break for a few minutes to worry about something else. Hopes this helps.