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After reading a few blogs, I found a common misconception. The idea that 'knowledge is power'. It isn't. The thin man is invincible, and there's no amount of knowledge that can change that. So get any ideas about resistance out of your head right now. This is about survival. 'But pHIL' I hear you say, 'surely if we know more, we can avoid getting attacked.' This is where things get dangerous. Because cast your minds back. I'm sure you remember how you first got into this mess. Either you read about the thin man, or he sacrificed one of your friends and you investigated, found out too much. Either way, you know about him, and now he's targeting you. So what happens if you find out more? He steps up the stalking. He probably won't kill you, but pretty soon you'll see things from His point of view. Soon your hunting heathens with the best of them.

So how do you avoid an attack? You make damn sure you don't know shit about The Prince. Because when you do find out, He hunts you down, and by then you'll know enough to know resistance is pointless. So you'll give in. Become a proxie. And then some bastard runner will murder you, and carry on like we can't all see their sins.  Anyway, I'd better stop posting and calm down.
Good luck

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  1. I'm sorry, I have to do this.


    Knowledge makes you a threat. That's why it makes you a target.
    $0.02 paid in full.