Spot of luck (possibly)

So as you may know, I've been losing an alarming amount of time. Well, from that I've managed to find a decent place to hang around for a bit, plan my next move. Because if Craft is alive, I need to find him, and kill him. Properly this time. put his victims to rest.
 So I found this warehouse, which seems easy enough to keep secure. And it's full of interesting and useful things; seems it was used to store tools, so I found myself an axe. So the next step is to track down Craft (I put out some feelers, but I don't have much to go on) and bury him for good. Not sure how I'm gonna manage it, will need element of surprise so won't post anything until I've acted on it. May need to make a deal or something; Slendy keeps him too strong. Maybe lucky; Dying man may step in. That how he survived; the liar? Don't know much about Fears other than slendy; The less you know the safer you are. Jack of all Trades; could I get his help? Would it be worth it? yes.
Rake & Slendy possible territory war; Chance of help. THe Feral ONe. May be worth looking into that. Too many possibilities, not enough options. not sure how to get contact. Door? seems benevolent. possibility. But runs in families; would've stopped craft before now if my family was important. Wrong time, Wrong place, Wrong person. My fault.


  1. Be CAREFUL.

    If you have to kill Craft, do it while he's sleeping. Tilt the axe at about 135 degrees, bring down your arm then elbow, almost like a tap, let the rebound lodge in it there. His neck or head, preferably.

    I only base that off what I have done with trees, though. If you find a sledgehammer, I could tell you how to crush stuff with that too. Bring it up over your head, slide hand down it as you go to keep it straight and let it drop.

    1. To be honest, I doubt it'll be that simple. I thought I'd killed him before, but here he is. Either Slendy helped or the dying man; How do I know this? I never looked up the fears, didn't want to get caught in their webs, so how do I know this?