Kitchen is a funny word. I mean, its like kit and chen all mixed up together into one big nonsense word. Its funny because it makes no sense, just like kitchens. I bet Slenderman has a big kitchen, because he's big and tall so he couldn't have a little roof.I wonedr if hed be less murderous if we'd just make our roofs big enough that he could fit iside without vhunching. Having a backache can make people cranky. But maybe not, because he's a tree. I don't think trees like kitchens, because kitchens hacve fire on them amd fire is badd for treees. beacause trees are flammable. I wonder if slendy is flammable. has anyone set the dude on fire? I hope not. that would ne rude, and being ruude is bas because if you're rude, other peopl;e might be rude to you,, and thatd mean everyone would be sad. that would e bad.
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