The Warehouse: Redux (would be a great name for a film)

So I'm gonna try the warehouse again tonight.  I need the wire, and the proxies can't guard it all the time, right? So I think it'll probably be OK- Not that I'm taking unnecessary risks. I've got some extra padding on my jacket, as well as some wooden plates underneath. Might give me splinters, but should be able to stop me from getting cut in the arm again. Unless, they have, like, an axe. Considered taking the gun, but I decided against it- I've never fired one outside a shooting range, and I don't think I would even if I was sure I could hit. Raises the stakes too high, means you can be sure death is on the line.
I wonder who'll be there. The one I stabbed in the leg was cut pretty deep, so I doubt he'll be mobile. Maybe I could find him, check local hospitals or whatever, but what would I do? Kill him when he's helpless? I don't think I'm ready to cross that line yet. That's the sort of thing Craft did, and I'm not going to become like him. At least, I'm not going to kill where it's avoidable.
In other news, proxies have case files. Would be interesting as fuck to get access, but I have nothing to go on, and what would I do with it anyway? It'd help someone like incognito more, since he's got to deal with Kelevtov. Or Sanna, if Snowblind even matters enough to get a mention. Maybe he has a footnote. A quick mockup:
Snowblind; A Proxy with a ski-mask. Do not send on missions- he has been shown to be of little operational use, with failures even when given optimal conditions. Case in point, most recent 3 missions all failed.
1)MISSION:Find Madelyn. Make her pay for serving the Feral One.
OUTCOME:Failed, due to inability to find notebooks pertaining to her whereabouts. Worth noting that by the proxy's own words, it is his impatience and lack of forward planning that led to this failure.
2)MISSION:Find Alexandria. Use notebooks in her possession to find Madelyn.
OUTCOME:Failed. Despite tracking her down multiple times, and having her unconscious and at his mercy, Snowblind has failed. Reasons are posited as a form of mental trauma, possibly resulting from being dropped on his head as an infant, or paint with an unusually high concentration of lead.
3)MISSION:Do literally anything with Proxy Kelevra
OUTCOME:Failed. Attempts to make peace through killing Runner Alexandria were misguided, due to Proxy Kelevra's attempts to degrade her mental state (see document 27734-D). This attempt also failed, leading to the belief that as well as his lack of intellect, Proxy Snowblind has been shown to be grossly incompetent. Attempts to use Proxy Amelia also failed, due to a friendly fire incident (see incident report 463-S). As well as his own incompetence, Proxy Snowblind has been shown to utilise incompetent subordinates, as the only alternative is to blame the incident on Master Slenderman.

So, Snowy, that close? It is, isn't it. Word perfect, in fact. I bet you that much.


  1. I'm not a particularly important proxy I tell you. And no, I have no case file. Why would I want something that tells everyone who I am, my strengths and weaknesses? Forewarned is forearmed.

    I wasn't part of the ops for abducting Madelyn. I just passed on the diaries. Last I heard they located her and she was under Fly's tender care, so fuck knows what he's doing with her really. I'm not important enough to receive those types of updates.

    And Amelia? Haha, she's likely clawing her own shit out of her mouth, she's rather Hallowed now. Allow forth the experimentos!

    1. Good to hear about your understanding of your own irrelevance. Nice to 'meet' someone who's that self-aware.
      Also, if you weren't part of that op why did you go to all that bother trying to get the diary? Seems like you are not only dangerously obsessive (par for the course), but also far too desperate to prove yourself as useful. Also, I've still got you two for two on the other ops. And I don't think your failure can really be mitigated by it being an unofficial mission; Case in point, Kelevtov.

  2. Don't bait Snowshitter up there. Also, I have some copper wire for you. I just need to find a way to get the fuck out of here.

    1. Yeah, I'm actually working on a plan that may (hopefully) get rid of some of the heat up at your end. Might make everything worse, but they're pretty good odds.

  3. Hahaha, oh Snowblind, never change.

    For Proxy case files, I think you'd need to have an insider who works with them as a contact. From what I hear, when they do have them, they keep under lock and key, metaphorically speaking.

  4. Headed out to the warehouse now. I'll probably be there in a half-hour, so I'll probably be back with news of my success around one. Possibly earlier if everything goes smoothly.

    1. Already went to warehouse yesterday, police on way.