Quiet days and plans

Another quiet day. Tinkering with magnets, listening to music and generally messing around. Working on a way to 'tether' proxies, stop them from using the path. I hope, anyway. Still have no real data, so it's mostly to test a hypothesis I've got kicking around. I think a sufficient magnetic field could possibly render azoth inert, or at least nonsentient. From Kelevtov's loving descriptions of his day, I can tell that azoth helps proxies, controls their actions to a large extent. Assuming it's like most other data storage, a sufficient magnet should wipe it out (and I know, that's a major assumption). It could also be like a receiver, so Slendy can control his pawns to an extent. Once again, assuming mundane communication methods a magnet could disrupt that. So an electromagnet could possibly slow them down enough to allow an escape, stop them following you using the path.

Only problem is a lack of copper wire. Put simply, I need more than I have, of a higher purity than I have, and the wrecking yard just don't cut it. So I'm gonna do some light breaking and entering tomorrow night, sleep in tomorrow so I'm not tired enough for craft to slip past and take over. So hopefully that's gonna work out well. Probably won't post much though.

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  1. Hmm... if it's any help, Black didn't use the Path while in the middle of the MRI room. But he might have had other things on his mind.
    My Slendy capture attempt also caused parts of him to lose cohesion. I think you're on to something here. Good luck with the copper.