So I have two major projects right now. Firstly, to expand my little island of surveillance. Hopefully I can make a safe haven in London for runners. Do I've been out most of today, checking cameras and noting blindspots. I'll need some way of covering those later, but I can still get a pretty good overview of what's going on in the local area. If there are any proxies, it'll be an unpleasant surprise, I'll tell you that for nothing. I've also got a memory extension in on my laptop, so I can keep a few days worth of film saved. So that's awesome.

My other task isn't going so well. I'm going to find a way to kill the slenderman. In the great game, humans have always been pawns. But as Pratchett said, 'if the pawns all banded together, maybe recruited a few rooks, the whole board could be a republic in a few turns.'. The players have never been at risk, not from us. But there are only a few of us, and I'm nobodies pawn. So I'm compiling what I know, what's been said and what's been done. Maybe I'll die. But I'll die knowing I did something. And I'd say that's worth it.

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  1. I must admit to being on board with the "Kill the Slender Man" team.

    Miss Annalee and Daniel Cypress [link to their blog], plus a batshit crazy runner Arkady Svidrigailov [link to where he says he intends to kill the Slender Man], are three more with similar aims.

    I do not recommend associating with Arkady. Annalee and Daniel are the ones who want to kill the Slender Man with as little collateral damage as possible. Nice helpful people too.