Late night rambling.

So all's quiet on the western front. I've kept an eye on the monitors, found no proxies, no static. Considering expanding this operation; it'll take some legwork, but eventually I could keep an eye on half of London from the comfort of my seat! Not legal, of course, but the police turn abound eye as far as slendy goes.

I've been doing a lot of thinking on the nature of slendy. I mean, Kelevtov told us that his 'suit, is just azoth, and that the creature itself is internal. We also know that azoth is magnetic. Could be why he fucks electronics; controls suit through magnetic control? Suit magnetic itself? Brain controlled through electromagnetic impulses, so could he manifest some control? Does he affect compasses?

Nature of the 'Feral one'? Has servants; rake? Wild things on path: his subjects? Alliance slendy-rake collapsing? Too many questions, not enough data. How to collect more? Film path? Interview proxy? Ex-proxy? Strider?

Anyways, that leaves one question that can be answered. Strider, have there beene any changes to the path, specifically the beasties on it, over the past few months? Probably ought to stick that on Sannas blog, where it might get answered. Tomorrow.

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