Quiet day

Not much happening here. There was a proxy group a while ago, but I killed one and hid. Seems the rest decided to scram. Probably here for me; no runners as far as I can see. They'll be back.

In other news, I have a gun now. Proxy was carrying it; shooting him with his own weapon was too ironic to miss. So yeah, keep the fuck out of Finchley. Got a mechanism that'll hopefully neutralise any pathfinders, so that's good. leaves just me and our thoughts. quiet. safe.

Dealt with the neighbours. Well, encouraged them that staying here would be bad for their health. So they pissed off.  Running like children. Pretty funny

Think I may see a runner now, on the edge of my territory. Any runners near Finchley, if you're reading this, just turn back and I won't pursue you. Keep going and you deserve what you get.

EDIT: They kept going. Guess They don't follow the blog. Not surprised. Be back soon.

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