fuck you craft

I think craft blindsided me when I left the apartment. Cant remember much, must have knocked me onthe head pretty bad. fuck. woke up arround midday locked up in my flat( got a padlock for security. locked from inside. see the lock, my keys been stolen),since then ive been trying to get out. sonofabitch locked the door, so that sucks. got plenty food in fridge, and cameras seem to be ok, but it seems im kinda stuck in here. cant kick in doors without drawing unwanted attention. ill figure something out. sorry about spelling and grammar, not much time to write, and a lot on my mind. sorry i couldn't help sanna. fucking good speech, something happens and im fucking useless.

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  1. no worreis. i have a plan to get outt. once tihs stuff kelerva drugged me wiht wears off.