Goodbye cruel world

I said I was waiting for the axe to fall. Turns out I was wrong where it'd fall. Trouble in Mersey, and here I am running to the rescue like a fucking idiot. So I guess this is gonna be goodbye; I have a train to catch, and then I'm fairly sure Kelevtov is gonna have my head, so that'll be a new experience.
Sanny, how dumb can you be?


  1. It's funny, because you aren't going anywhere. You're going to stay put right where you are for a few hours. Why? Becaues you're completely useless. Even if you get there, you'd be useless. so I'm going to make damn sure you stay put right here, until whatever Kelevra wants to happen happens.

  2. nno i just woke up w/ my laptop n interner but idk where i am.

    the door wnt open