Stil alive

I think. Interesting to see things from this side of it. I mean, I'd always thought that craft was just a proxy who'd survived somehow. I was wrong. Probably not gonna be posting much. He's running the show now. IF you see him, burn the body.
good luck
phillip(for reals)


  1. Whats that high up in the sky? It's a bird! It's a plane! No! It's Philip, being as useless as he possibly can!

    I mean, there you go, about to be the big hero and save Lil ol' Minxie, then you get knocked out and kept locked up, and probably, because of that Minxie had to kill someone.

    Entirely your fault, my hat is off, that is if I actually wore a hat.

    1. It's not as if he could have done much about that.

      Good luck Philip and hang in there.

    2. No, daddyo, it was your fault when you drugged me. Well, maybe it was my fault when I ate them. But I am fairly sure you wouldn't have spent five hours injecting Skittles with thiopental if you didn't think I'd eat them.

    3. Why shouldn't be one person's fault? Kelevtov's fault for being dull enough to spend hours drugging skittles, Sanna's fault for being dumb enough to eat them, and Phillip's fault for letting me take over.

    4. Phil didn't have anything to do with this. I mean, let's assume the worst and say Kelevra was going to commit every transgression of the law on me and kill me slowly. Why would I want Phil there? He'd only get the same fate and then two people would be dead and fucked rather than one.

    5. And yet he tried to do something. and failed. So now he's weak, useless and stupid. In general, absolutely pathetic.