Working on something big

So I haven't posted in a while. I've been working on something big. Well, several big things. For starters, I can sleep without possibly killing stuff now! Woohoo! Took a lot of doing, but I've picked up several stupidly strong magnets from a wrecker's yard and I figured I'd make a timed lock. Nothing getting in or out at night without using the path. Kinda sad to wake up in the morning and see the scratchmarks, but it beats the shit out of the alternative. So now Craft's stuck putting mean comments onto people's blogs. I feel like... I feel like I'm winning. Or at least, not losing so badly anymore.

I've been feeling more myself, avoiding runners and proxies both, having a semi-normal life. At this rate I may well end up getting a part time job; busking doesn't exactly make much cash, especially since I also spend tonnes of time begging, borrowing and stealing stuff to use on my other projects. If necessary, I think I can magnetise my room. I haven't tried it; it'd fry my laptop. But I think it may give an advantage. Hopefully it'll work out. And there's actually a chance it will, not just hope.

Not much else's been going on. Caught a stomach bug a few days ago, couldn't keep anything down. So that sucked, but it was over in a couple hours. There have been proxies around, but  either they're not looking for me or they don't know where I am. So be careful if you're around Finchley.

So, all in all, life's pretty damn good. Once again I find myself waiting for the axe to drop. Should be interesting to see where it hits this time.


  1. Be careful out there. There are less proxies over here in Blackpool today, I can only assume they went after Kelevra but they may be coming to your end.

    1. I really hope they're coming for Kelevtov. Nonetheless, I think I'll lock the doors and keep my head down for a while. Thanks for the heads-up.

    2. He has really made shit hit the fan around here. Hard to say whether it's a good thing when it diverts efforts against us or a bad thing when it diverts efforts to England in general.

  2. The lock's a neat idea. Nice to see you back, Phil.