I'm doing fine over here. Arm still throbs a bit, but I went and got some mini first aid kits, and a bunch of bandages. So at least it's clean and covered. Not much proxy activity; I don't think there were that many (relatively speaking) in England in the first place, and Kelevtov's stirring up hell elsewhere, so all the proxies are going there.

Kelevra, if you read this blog (not fucking likely) feel free to move further north. Like, into Scotland. Serves them right for trying to secede (no offense to any Scots, not meant personally some of my best friends are Scots etc.etc.). Reason being, Scotland has more absolute maniacs, so it's more likely to end with an absolute battle royale, chaos and destruction everywhere. Especially around closing time at the local pubs (working from a Scottish friend's experience here).

Uhh, not much else happened. Started coughing up more azoth, which probably isn't a good sign. I can't even go to hospitals anymore, because most tests will show me up as... abnormal. So that sucks. Need to make up better stocks of bandages and the like. So I've been saving up, doing odd jobs in the garden for some locals. Hard work, but it's nice. Having mindless physical work to be doing, digging holes and cutting wood (they're making a bench or something). A good way to make an extra fiver here and there, which works out to enough for food and some saving. Hell, if I keep this up for a few months and find a seller I might be able to buy the copper wire I need outright. Heh, like I'll live that long.

Still not getting much sleep. Mix of caffeine, craft and tinkering. Good for focusing the mind, but I'm always left with a couple of ideas floating around, keeping me up all night. So I'm pretty tired most of the time. But I'm having some results

Managed to set up an electromagnet. Somewhat powerful, but none too portable, and there are some troubles with power (what with me being a squatter and all, so I don't actually pay for my energy. I can skive some off the neighbors, but the magnet's a thirsty beast, and I'm fairly sure it'd get noticed).  Maybe if I could get some capacitors, I could use them , but I can't get them, so I'm a little stuck. Med, you have a schmancy lab, right? and access to test subjects? Because I'd kind of like to know what happens to a proxy in a strong magnetic field. See if it's anything useful.


  1. :) With pleasure!

    There's very few manmade magnetic fields stronger than that produced an MRI machine. A device like that will forcibly rip the azoth out of a proxy, or anyone else with it in them for that matter, with possible mental and physical debilitating effects. I'm not sure of the effects of weaker fields; they most likely aren't going to be as dramatic but will still be interesting.

    Getting Proxy test subjects is much harder now. There are a decent amount of young ones in the area, but they've learnt and they're much harder to find, let alone catch. This is why I'm buying rats.

    For the electromagnet, I set my device on wheels and had a fuel powered generator supplying the electricity required. Noisy, though. You can't exactly sneak up on a Proxy with it.

    Also, you mentioned tests coming up as 'abnormal'. What kind of tests, and what results did they give? I know of metal particulates in the blood being one possible, but were there any others?

    And Kelevra in Scotland. Oh dear. XD

    1. Test coming up as abnormal meant some black particulates coming out of the cut I got. Pretty worrying, but I feel fine on and of myself. On the other hand, I have the feeling if I went to a hospital one way or another I wouldn't come out. Especially if my conspiracy theory is right; I'd be a possible vector for this memetic virus.
      Other test, I'm not sure of. Fairly sure X-rays would come back weird, as well as psych tests; after all, I have MDPD. Although that would be a good way to get antipsychotics...

      As for the test subjects, it was just a thought. I know you have your own avenues of research, and I'd hate to distract from them. I'll make do with what I've got; I even have a couple plans to take a proxy alive. Nothing practical, but sooner or later I'll crack it.

      The power issue is my major concern. I was thinking about getting power from more than one neighbor, but I'd prefer a simpler answer. I wish people would hurry up and work out nuclear fusion, it'd make all this far easier!

  2. Kelevra wouldn't last five seconds in Glasgow before he got done in by angry Scots, haha.

    Let us know how the electromagnet goes. Do you have a way of getting both the magnet and the coil to move in opposite directions? That normally produces a stronger effect.

    1. Thanks for the advice, I hadn't thought of that. Maybe I could get a gear assembly to spin the coil. Could reduce power usage. And lets keep our fingers crossed on the Scots. If anyone can out-destruction Kelevtov, I reckon they could.

    2. You could take something off a bike? They have gears. And pedals. You could attach it to a bike to manouvre it. It would look silly but it might work.

    3. I' not too fussed about making it mobile (seems enough trouble to get enough power without having to worry about keeping the weight low enough to move it), especially since I have a more or less permanent base of operations. Still, nicking a bike does seem like a good idea. Lots of useful shit on one of them (rubber, gears, chain, wheels, axles). Course, to really use that I'd need better tools (like a blowtorch or angle grinder). Seems like a cycle (pun unintended); I can do better, but for that I need better materials, and for that I need either better tools (which may be in a warehouse guarded b proxies) or some way to disable said proxies. For that I need better machines. For that I need better equipment etc. etc.
      Does my head in.