Walking all day today. Hungry as fuck, would love some actual food. Nothing but 1/2 bottle coke and some sandwiches from someones car. Their fault, left it open. Service station was Near a little village place, not goiong to say name because proxies. Tired as hell, wouldve hitchiked but but there were no cars- must be a really quiet place. Cant fall asleep by the side of the road, but damnit I almost did. just need to rest, then get the fucking black shit out of me. Its whispering now, over and over. not sure whats me thinking whats the azoth. Christ who am i anyway? Craft, phillip, the azoth what? Getting confused, not sure what im doing. going to sleep now, hope craft dosnt come out.


  1. You alright? Haven't heard from you in a while. And in a while I mean only four days. But I fret.

    1. I am sorry, I didn't mean to cause alarm. I've just been rather too busy to keep up with the blogs these days; I was taken in by some good people, and I've been busy with the training they're giving me. Sort of a start up for the next stage in my life- I'm going to do what I was made for, even if I don't want to.